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  1. mcsd22

    Plumbing problem

    Just got a 120 acrylic and it has a 1 inch stand pipe for the overflow. I got a 20 gallon sump and bought a aquasurge 2500 pump. Plumbed the pump with twin feeds into the tank. Problem is the overflow will not handle what the pump is putting out. My idea is to drill the back and install a 1.5...
  2. mcsd22

    Copperband Butterfly

    How reef safe are these fish and do they have specific corals that they will feed on?
  3. mcsd22

    Coral Banded Shrimp with eggs

    Has anyone had any sucsess with CBS eggs surviving and making it to adulthood?
  4. mcsd22

    Compatable anemones?

    Would a BTA and a Condi do ok in a 75 gallon. Thomas I need your advise!
  5. mcsd22

    Green Bubble Algea ?

    I have some small green bubbles which I assume to be bubble algea. Rumor has it pepermint shrimp will clean it up? Anyone no if this is so. I got a new polyp and it must of came on the rock it was on.
  6. mcsd22

    Lion a question for you

    Have you ever used kick ick and if so did you notice it making the fish breath a little faster than normal?
  7. mcsd22

    Ick or not Ick

    I have had my 46 gallon for about 2 years. Never had a ick problem before. All levels are good and I am feeding flake, home made shrimp meal with garlic, brine and blood worm on occasion. LR 50 pounds, LS 40 pounds 2 percula clowns, 2 pajama cardnials, 1 blue tang, 1 flame angel. Snails and blue...