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  1. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    was bored, so i decided to take some pics.
  2. ricks280

    red mangrove seeds

    hi guys have you ever herd or used red mangrove seeds (plants) in your sumps or fuge? :notsure: (rick)
  3. ricks280


    Its a public holiday today and i was bored, so i decided to take some shots. ...RICK...
  4. ricks280

    Saturday night pics of my 280

    hi all, just an update of my 280 gal tank. replies are welcome. :happyfish ...RICK...
  5. ricks280

    show me your lips!!!

    kiss me
  6. ricks280

    My 280 Gal

    just a few pictures of my reef tank. ...RICK...
  7. ricks280

    Rix Pix

    just tried different setting on my camera under actinics. RICK... :jumping:
  8. ricks280

    Update of my 280gal

    Just a bit bored so i thought i would post some pics. RICK...
  9. ricks280

    smoking clam

    hello everyone, just picked up a clam today it opened up and i just noticed( 6 hours later) that its realising a white fogie substance (looks like smoke) from its little opening is this normal? i havent kept clams before so im a bit lost, it has been very hard to get clams in the last six months...
  10. ricks280

    just a few pics to share with you (rick)

  11. ricks280

    just some shots of my 280g

    hi guys just took some shots, dont know about the quality but, here we go.
  12. ricks280

    a few of my 280 pics

    just a few pics. RICK.
  13. ricks280

    just show off your banana

    :hilarious (rick) sorry just had to do it!
  14. ricks280

    beth in house medication

    hi beth ive done some reserch re medication for a reef set up. a firm called aquasonic here in australia they make a product called vertaid the active ingredients are as follow: quinine hydrochloride/ malachite green. application: for the treatment of white spot(icth) in marine invertebrate...
  15. ricks280

    need feed back on remedy(beth)

    hi guys just purchased a white spot (ichthyophthirius) the product is called rapid white spot remedy made by aristopet (aquamaster) the lfs mentioned that is reef safe because it only contains the following active constituents: 37mg/formaldehyde and 0.32mg/malachite green. because it has no...
  16. ricks280

    update pics of my 280.(rick)

    hi guys just a couple of pics i took. frame around the tank, doors below(not painted yet) grooved panel above. im waiting on the flap doors and thats it! (rick)
  17. ricks280

    quick update on my 280

    just a few pics of my 280 up and running [ not the best pictures, camera settings need to be changed] :happy:
  18. ricks280

    lastest pics of my baby

    this is a few pics of the project. tomorrow water goes in. :D rick...
  19. ricks280

    my new babe has arrived

    hi guyz, just squeezed it in to te lounge room, but its in after a few struggles and worries. But after all this GEEEEEEEEEE, it was all worth it. just sum pics to keep u updated :cheer:
  20. ricks280

    14,15,or 20k?

    :notsure: just dont know wich globes to get for the new 280g ,im refering to MH 3x250 w 15000k, 14000k or 20000 i just visited an aquarium outlet and there was two large tanks one had 14000k globes and the other 20000k i noticed that the 20000 has got a bit of blue in it wich makes the tank...