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  1. shoorty069

    Urchin was eaten!

    Im about to give up with my hermit crab, the damn thing ate an URCHIN, AND AN ANEMONE! how does this happen?! doesnt he get stung?! the pet store told me there was poison in the urchin. And anemones have toxins too! I think i may remove the crab. The only thing is that he stirs up the sand and...
  2. shoorty069

    Identify this please???

    I didnt see it in the identification chart, can anyone help me, heres the picture... Are they anemones or feather dusters? Therye all over my liverocks. That picture is of a piece of live rock the size of a quarter... <3ryry
  3. shoorty069

    Missing In Action Tang!!!

    Im upset now. I bought a 25$ yellow tang yesterday. He was about an inch and a half in size, maybe about as long as a golfball. I wake up this morning and hes gone. Completely gone. I searched through my liverock and everything and no where to be found. I think it may have been my pesky hermit...
  4. shoorty069

    Ammonia high!

    How do i get ammonia levels to lower? Mine seem to keep getting higher. I just tested it and the test is going on as we speak, but the test i have says the darker green it is, the worse it is. Its at about .20 now with about 10 minutes to go in the process. Any ideas how or why this happened? I...
  5. shoorty069

    Cleaner Shrimp

    I just got my cleaner shrimp today from my LFS. So far so good, my clarkii loves him. The damsel, not so much, but it doesnt bother the shrimp at all. Hes eating and looks pretty healthy. My only concern is something that is on him. He has what looks like a snail on him, its like a tannish blob...
  6. shoorty069

    SeaClone 100

    Okay, i FINALLY got my protein skimmer. I set it up according to directions and...nothing, the water spins in the tube like a tornado. Theres a couple bubbles floating around in there. However, i dont seen any foam whatsoever. It says it could take up to 3 days to see anything in the canister...
  7. shoorty069

    Snowflake eel

    Today i purchased a snowflake eel from a specialty salt water fish store. Salt water fish and supplies are the only things they sell. Are there any special things i need to keep in mind with him besides the fact that anything thats small enought to fit in his mouth he will eat? Also, ive noticed...
  8. shoorty069

    Protein Skimmer?

    Okay, next investment to out 55 gallon tank is a Skimmer. However, im not sure which one to get. Any suggestions or preferences would help. Our tank is going to be a Fowlr. Theres a Emperor400 filter with 2 biowheels in the tank now. Any name brands i should look at / stay clear of? Thanksss <3ryry
  9. shoorty069

    A fresh water dip?

    A new Ocean fish only pet store opened up around the corner from me. So, curious ryan went and took a visit. I asked about my ich problem and what i should do. I really cant do anything now, there are no carriers of the ich now, and no carriers=no way to catch ich. Anyway, i asked him if it...
  10. shoorty069

    I just dont know what to do!!!

    Im about to quit with my salt water tank and totally start over. We recently put fish in which in time accquired ich. Now, all of our tanks fish are dying. First the Long Nose Butterfly, then my Coral beauty, then all of my Clownfish(2 clarkiis and 1 percula). Then the hardiest of all fish, an...
  11. shoorty069

    Help Help! Ick

    Help. Im not sure what to do! 2 of my new fish have ick, and it just started yesterday. Now its all over them. One is a Coral Beauty. And the other is a Longnose Butterfly. They have ick all over. Also, the Coral beauty looks like he was bitten on his little fin. I just recently did a water...
  12. shoorty069

    What should i get?

    Okay, I know i need new lighting in my tank. Right now all i have is the basic lighting hood with 15watt lightbulbs from ***** that are supposidly good for reef...its also 50/50, whatever that means. I was wondering what i should look for, lighting, hoods, anything else. I have a 55gallon tank...
  13. shoorty069

    Fiji liverock

    Okay, im curious what my Fiji liverock which i puchased from saltwaterfish will start to sprout. Has anyone one gotten one from this site? whats did yours grow? So far, ive had it for about a month, so not much at all is on mine yet. Although i did find these things on it, im not sure what they...
  14. shoorty069


    I keep getting algae in my 55 gallon tank. It started growing on a base rock. This was before i got my live rock. Then it started growing on my artificial plants. Now its starting to grow on my live rock. I heard its not a good thing, so ive been cleaning the plants and started to remove it from...
  15. shoorty069

    Tank running since easter.

    Okay, ive posted a few new threads, but now its time for a new one. Anyway. Im not sure what i need for my tank. Right now...its cycling because of the live rock. I have a 55gallon tank with an off the side filter with 2 biowheels. I have a pump in there, im not sure how strong it is, i dont...
  16. shoorty069

    Live Fiji Rock

    Okay, so im not sure where i should have posted this, but this place looks like a good spot. Anyway, I just recently purchased a Live Fiji Rock from It came in the mail today. I put all the pieces in that i wanted in there. People told me they start to sprout all these cool...