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  1. acrylic300

    Tang Fight Video!!!

    Three minutes of solid heavy metal *********** for your viewing pleasure. Video link removed. 1Journeyman
  2. acrylic300

    A Xenia Question

    Nitrate 20 , PH 7.8-8.0,ALK 250-300, SG 1.024, Temp 80, Cal. 450. What causes Xenia polyps to become cripled looking...then white...then dead. This starts out slow on one polyp then gains momentum as it wipes the whole coral out. Its happening to individual pink long stemed pulsing xenias but...
  3. acrylic300

    Flame Angel niping Leather

    My flame angel has been good up untill recently when I put a new leather coral in the tank. Will occasional niping kill this coral? The leather lets off clouds when it is nipped is this harmful to the tank? If I could get a clown fish to host something near the leather would the clown protect...
  4. acrylic300

    Distilled Water

    Is it Ok to use Culligan water for top off?
  5. acrylic300

    Activated Charcoal ?

    How often do you use Activated Charcoal Filtering?
  6. acrylic300

    Can I Avoid Additives?

    I'm comming up on the 3 month mark. I haven't done a water change yet. My Alk and PH levels are starting to drop Calcium is about the same. Will a 20% water change every 2 months be enough to eliminate this? Ph 8.2 Drop to 7.0 Alk 300 Drop to 225 Cal. 450 same Nitrates 20 Im only raising soft...
  7. acrylic300

    New Blue Zoa

    Got these this weekend, there were 4 little bonuses attached Its hard to see they are black with florescent oranage ceters and white dotted fringe. They look so small next to my Palys.
  8. acrylic300

    VHO Ballast Question?

    I was wondering if I could replace my existing NO ballasts with Electronic ARO VHO (220)s?. Are they small enough to fit inside the strip light case? Has anyone tried this?
  9. acrylic300

    Normal Fluorescent Bulbs

    Im looking for a good all around bulb to fill in the shadows at the edges of my tank Has anyone tried GE Saltwater Blues? I know 50/50s are a favorite but I have a couple of Marine Glo bulbs that supply enough blue--now I need something with a little more lumin power for the other four bulbs...
  10. acrylic300

    Molting Hermits?

    Iv'e been finding the front legs and heads of my Hermits. I don't see the shells anywhere> is this normal or is something eating them?
  11. acrylic300

    Yellow w/ Purple Tang?

    I have a 300 gl. tank with lots of rock. Would it be ok to put a Purple Tang in with my 3 Yellow Tangs?
  12. acrylic300

    Missouri Columbia Area?

    Hey, was wondering if anyone was from Central Misssouri--for frag swaps?
  13. acrylic300

    My Weekend--Catching Shrimp

    After sitting and watching my Peppermint Shrimp eat my new Richordio mushroom for a few hours--I couldn't take it anymore. As someone suggested in another post, I built a trap. I cut a plastic soda bottle and flipped it around into a funel. I also cut the mouth a little bigger--because they...
  14. acrylic300

    Crushed Coral

    Ok, before I researched up on reef keeping. I had the crazy idea to layer the bottom of my tank with progressevly smaller grains of substrate. I started with large crushed coral and worked my way up with smaller sizes of argonite sand and finally fine grained live sand. I didn't wash any of...
  15. acrylic300

    Ich and Live Rock

    I was wondering if there is any chance of Ich dissapearing on its own. I just bought 3 fish and made the mistake of putting them in my large tank of live rock. Later I noticed very mild Ich areas on the fin areas. These are the only three fish I have in a 300 gal tank. If the water quality...
  16. acrylic300

    Nutrient Loving Corals

    Where can I find a list of corals that need higher nutrient levels. I have a xenia thats growing and zoanthids (Palythoa) that are looking good. My nitrate is 25 ppm or so. What are some other corals that need higher nutrients?
  17. acrylic300

    Molting Shrimp?

    My Cleaner Shrimp just molted I think. I found his shell anyway. I'm worried about it because I dont see him anywhere. Is this normal?
  18. acrylic300

    130W PC (any luck?)

    I was wondering If anyone has had any luck with these new 130 watt power compact set ups. I think they are fairly new technology--I just put a down payment on a 260 watt dual strip. Oh, BTW I all-ready know that nothing could possibly compare to MH Unless the blinding light of God himself...
  19. acrylic300

    White Flakes?

    I notice every once in a while my pump spits white flakes into the tank. Are these calcium deposits or what? Has anyone seen this before?
  20. acrylic300

    Coral Description (Id Needed)

    Sorry I havent got a picture. I bought a mushroom this weekend and it had something else on the other end of the rock with it. It has a flat stony base (encrusting perhapse) tiny polyps come out of the base they move around a bit and look alot like xenia polyps--only with longer fingers. The...