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  1. fishmamma

    cube question

    Anyone have any tips/suggestions for keeping your fish and inverts in the main tank in the bio-cubes? How about tricks for getting the fish and critters out safely?
  2. fishmamma


    So I went looking in the back compartments of my bio-cube for my missing goby. Bad news is he wasn't there. Good news is I did find a thought to be dead sexy shrimp. Bad news is I lost the little bugger while trying to catch it. Still clinging to a glimmer of hope my goby is just taking an...
  3. fishmamma

    Grocery store clams

    I don't know if any of you was quite a while ago some people started buying clams from the grocery store to put in their sand beds. Well I tried it, bought two clams. One perished rather quickly (same day) and the other is still alive. I am talking many, many months. Has...
  4. fishmamma

    Will it pump again? (Xenia)

    HI all! I picked up a xenia yesterday that was pumping at the LFS. It stopped once bagged and still has not resumed. I tried shutting off the powerheads for about 30 minutes to see if there is just too much flow but nothing happened. My pH is 8.3-8.4 and the tank gets iodine in the form of...
  5. fishmamma

    Anyone with Neon Goby experience?

    I just purchased two blue lined neon gobies. One had been chasing the other quite a bit since being added to the tank yesterday so I netted him out and have him in holding. I have tow other tanks I could move him to. I have been trying to research all day and it seems as though two same ---...
  6. fishmamma

    WHO DEY Meatballs

    Hey Who that your famous meatball recipe on
  7. fishmamma

    Anemone ID Please

    I had a couple of these come in on some zoanthid colonies. They have been moving about, one was on the glass. This one has been all over the colony but not appearing to bother it. They are green in color though I think I may have seen a pink one as well. I am assuming they are some type of...
  8. fishmamma

    Hey Wax!

    OK, so here is the latest..... Have you had any experience with anemones? Love em or hate em? In your opinion do anemone shrimp HAVE to be hosted by an anemone? Would you keep a Jawfish and an anemone in the same tank? (I am thinking no) Just wanted to pick your brain.
  9. fishmamma

    Jawfish is dying

    I am so upset right now. I last fed the tank about 9 pm last night, turned out the lights and went to bed. Got up this morning to find my Jawfish laying under some zoanthids. He appeared dead so I went to remove him and he swam under some rock. I am currently testing my levels but all are...
  10. fishmamma

    20 XT Jaw Tank update

    I added some new inverts and lighting recently. I am having trouble taking pictures, getting lots of reflection off the glass. Possible due to the new lighting in addition to a nearby window. Stocking list: Yellow Headed Jawfish Yasha Hashe goby Anemone Crab 2 Sexy Shrimp 5 ea. Astrea...
  11. fishmamma

    What are proper Iodine levels?

    What is the prefered range for iodine in a reef aquarium? I can't seem to find this info anywhere and am wondering how often to suppliment based on test results. Thanks!
  12. fishmamma

    "Reef Invertebrates", a must read!

    :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: I just received my copy of Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility written by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner. This book is worth it's weight in gold over the photographs alone. I have not yet read it through but know it will...
  13. fishmamma

    I think my new frogspawn reproduced asexually??

    I recently added a frogspawn to my tank (less than one week ago) and this morning I noticed a bright green bud of some sort in the live rock on the other side of the tank. I am totally confused by this. I also added MH lights last week so at first though it something re-growing on the live...
  14. fishmamma

    Does anyone have Bubmble Bee shrimp?

    Trying to find some info on bumble bee shrimp....wondering if anyone has/had them in their tanks.
  15. fishmamma

    Installing new MH- how to light acclimate?

    Today I will be hanging a new metal halide light fixture. There r corals in the tank. Two were put in yesterday after being purchased at LFS where they were under halide but probably not new bulbs. The other pieces have been in my other tank under PC lighting. Can anyone give me their advice...
  16. fishmamma

    So Sexy!

    I have been waiting for this day for some time now, and boy has it been worth the wait! Today I picked up a frogspawn and a pair of sexy shrimp for my Jaw tank. They are happily shaking it for me, I hope they acclimate well after a long day of traveling in a plastic bag. Can't get over how...
  17. fishmamma

    I finally took the MH plunge!

    Well I did it. Went to LFS today for some snails and came home with some snails and a new light fixture. :scared: I went with a 150 watt 20K bulb for my 20 gallon extra tall tank. I have not set it up yet since I am trying to make sure I want the 20K bulb instead of a 14K. I want to bring...
  18. fishmamma

    The sand is falling!

    My new Jawfish is creating a sink hole. He some how burrowed out into the deep sand bed and is working his way up. This is the strangest thing I have ever seen! I posted a picture on the other thread which I will do a follow up with in a minute. THIS IS CRAZY!!! I would have put money on...
  19. fishmamma

    Fairy wrasse or Royal Gramma?

    Fairy Wrasse or Royal Gramma? Please vote, pictures are always welcome!!
  20. fishmamma

    Jaw tank is ready!!

    So excited, my Jawfish arrived at LFS today, I will be picking it up late next week. 20 gallon extra tall tank with a DSB on the left hand side only with a tower type structure of live rock and egg crate to be filled in with LPS corals. The center and right side of the tank has an inch of...