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  1. smoney

    Fragging Zoas?

    I have a bunch of frags of zoas that I got from a lfs, and I wanted to know how you attach them? I super glued a zoo frag the other day and it came off the rock two days later, any ideas on the best way? maybe I didnt attach it securely enough?
  2. smoney

    Stingray Questions??

    I have recently acquired two tanks, and have decided to make one into a stingray DT and the other is going to be a sump tank. The stingray tank would be for some small stingray and some fish, It has alot of surface area and I think it would make a great tank. Im not going to put much liverock...
  3. smoney


    Are these bad? what do they do that make them so harmful?
  4. smoney

    My 1000th Post!

    This is my wonderful 1000th post, and I would like to thank everyone on for helping me starting off in the hobby and everything.
  5. smoney

    Ophuira! Another Starfish Question?

    Hey Ophuira, I have a bunch of those tiny astrea stars in my tank and I love them. I have seen like two that are like an inch big! I was wondering if they are reef safe and good for the tank???? Also, I was looking into getting an actual starfish, I have a brittle star, but I was looking into a...
  6. smoney

    How to Frag Colt Coral?

    My Colt Coral is getting kind of big and a friend wants a frag, I was wondering how you go about fragging it?
  7. smoney


    I just got a frogspawn recently and when I put it in my tank it was like a redish brownish color. I bought it from a person who had bagged it before I got to their place, and it is suppose to be a green with purple tip. Will it get green again, it seems like it may be getting to be a nice green?
  8. smoney

    Colt Coral?

    I have a colt coral that is getting pretty big. I really dont have the time to frag it as of right now, but I was wondering how they spread, will they split branches? or do they spread on the rock?
  9. smoney

    Brisstle Worms

    Well, I have heard alot of things about brisstle worms stinging or something. I have just recently heard that they will burrow in your skin if they get the chance? is that true? how harmful are they?
  10. smoney

    How to Mount Xenia?

    I am going to be getting some pulsing xenia frags unmounted on friday. I was wondering what method I should use to attach the frags?
  11. smoney

    Clown fish Bumping Uglys?

    I think my clownfish are bumping uglys, mateing. I have had these two clownfish for like a little over a year, I got them together and I think they are starting to pair up. Currently they are both hosting my hammercoral, and sometimes my frogspawn. Just today, I saw them in the front and the big...
  12. smoney

    Scored on a Yellow Figi Leather!

    I bought a yellow figi leather and it was a beautiful bright yellow one. It was a medium, like 4"-5" for $40.00. It also had a bunch of coraline on the rock it was attached to, but that wasnt important. I found that their was a little one that is starting to split off of it. I scored. Is their...
  13. smoney

    Forgot the cycle process?

    If I add water from an established tank and live sand, and liverock; how long should the cycling processes take? What should the process consist of again?
  14. smoney

    Just adding an 18 gallon tank to my system

    Ok, this is probably really simple, but I just dont see it. Well, I just added an 18 gallon tank under my 50 gallon DT, and right next to my 10 gallon tank. I just dont know how to connect my 18 gallon high tank to my 10 gallon tank? Thats my only problem. Do I use a smaller overflow going from...
  15. smoney

    Orange Conch or snail I.D.?

    Well, today I went to Manhattan Beach, Ca to go fishing. I was on the rocks getting some muscles and I found this conch or snail, and I just had to take it home. It is so cool and beautiful. I dont think you can tell from the picture, but it is seriously huge like 4" and I just wanted to know...
  16. smoney

    F/T- 10 gallon Aquarium trade for corals, So Cal

    I have a clean 10 gallon aquarium that comes with the rainbow gravel, glass top, a light, and about ten large empty shells. I would like to trade it for some coral, mostly zoos, but make an offer. I am in Santa Clarita, So. Cal. 91355 (by magic mountain)
  17. smoney

    Ricordea Fragging Story

    Well, about 3 months ago, one of my 3 ricordeas were splitting, and my friend wanted me to frag him one. Now, me and my friend will frag each other some coral if we have extra. So, I was like ok. I had fragged regular mushrooms before, but had trouble fragging the ricordea, so I then handed the...
  18. smoney

    Before and After Photos!

    Ok, Put a picture of your tank in the beginning, and a picture of what it looks like now. 1- Tank specs 2- Dates of the Pictures 1) 50 gallon tank, 192 pc watts, 10 gallon refuge, 100lbs of liverock. 2) Before: December 21, 2004 After: Febuary 5, 2006 (sorry for the blurry)
  19. smoney

    Fish Capacity?

    How does fish capacity work in this situation. If you have like a 300 gallon tank, do you put only 6 yellow tangs in there because they are recommended for 50 gallons each, or can you put more? whats the rule of thumb?
  20. smoney

    Whitish Sponge?

    I have just started to notice lately that alot of my rock in my refuge is getting clearish white sponge on them. I didnt buy any types of sponge and it isnt dead sponge. Also in my main tank, my caves are getting spnge in them too. Is that white and clear sponge beneficial to your system?