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  1. viper_930

    Fragging the green polyp toadstool...

    or any toadstool for that matter. The colony was getting big so it was about time I fragged it. Here's a pic of the mother from about a week ago. It's about 5-6" wide. Pulled it out of the tank... I used scissors to cut the perimeter of the disk off, but really any part of the disk can be cut...
  2. viper_930

    Frag tank + more

    As promised here's a few new pics. I spent several hours on saturday cleaning up the frag tank. The way I had it setup before with the egg crate an inch over the bottom collected a lot of detritus on the bottom. I siphoned out all of that and raised the egg crate up. A few frags that I...
  3. viper_930

    My fungiid collection

    Here's pics I just took of some of the unusual morphs I've collected. This green one is so bright it's often the first thing my friends point out. Orange/green Purple w/ light blue blotches Blood red w/ a green mouth, green rim, and white spots. I can't capture the true colors of this one...
  4. viper_930

    Anybody got some free time to help me out?

    I've got two very important essays that I need to turn in for school. If anybody (English majors especially!) has some extra time and would like to edit, proofread, and add comments to them it would be much appreciated. They're short essays, just less than a page each, so it shouldn't take much...
  5. viper_930

    Blue Squamosa

    I took a few pics of my blue squamosa, with even bluer dots. Enjoy!
  6. viper_930


    I just snapped some pics of my 32g for you guys and gals. Currently only nonphotosynthetic corals are in it as I haven't setup the halide to convert it to my main display yet. Enjoy the pics! First off, a full tank shot. Here's three different color forms of Dendrophyllia coccinea, even...
  7. viper_930

    Waratah babies

    I just noticed one of my waratah anemones had two babies. The tank hasn't had a light on it until today so I probably didn't see them before. The bigger baby in the middle is about the size of a dime and the smaller one is at the bottom left corner peeking out.
  8. viper_930

    New Latezonatus

    I just got this beauty on tuesday. She's about a 4" A. latezonatus clownfish, aka wide-band clown. They're a very rare species from the land down under, and their hardiness matches availability. I ordered three from a wholesaler but they only sent one (sold out). It's day 4 now and no signs of...
  9. viper_930

    Kids and the electric bill

    I was just wondering what some of you parents would do. If your child/teen decided to start a saltwater tank and it ran up the electric bill 100 bucks, would you make him/her pay that $100? Of course we would say he/she does have a min. wage job in order to get income.
  10. viper_930

    Kids and the electric bill

    I was just wondering what some of you parents would do. If your child/teen decided to start a saltwater tank and it ran up the electric bill 100 bucks, would you make him/her pay for their part of the bill?
  11. viper_930

    Got corals to trade?

    I've got a few of my rarities I can frag if anybody is interested. Superman monti- the original superman traceable to John Susbilla, aka Tubs. Frags are at least 1/2" to 1" depending on what's put on the table. I've got a few already cut. Mother colony Tub's blue zoos, traceable back to John...
  12. viper_930

    nice clown trigger!

    It's in the eye it & buy it section here. If only I had an aggressive tank..
  13. viper_930

    Coral ID

    Anybody have any idea what this is?
  14. viper_930

    Show off your holiday additions!

    So whatcha guys and gals get during this holiday season so far for your tanks? My favorite was this micromussa I got myself on friday. It's about the size of a golfball with about 25 killer polyps.
  15. viper_930

    WTB Temp Controller

    Looking for a single or dual stage Ranco temp controller. Let me know if you've got one for sale! jslok(at)comcast(dot)net Thanks!
  16. viper_930

    New Cornsnakes!

    Just got my two new babies today! Fedex messed up so they had to spend two night through shipping. The dark colored one is a female okeetee heterozygous for amelanistic (reverse okeetee). And the light colored guy is a reverse okeetee. Once they mature I'll start breeding them and their brood...
  17. viper_930

    Garter snakes, who's got them?

    I had a ribbon snake a couple years ago and been thinking about getting another snake. I have my eyes on a yearling blue pickeringii. Who else has any garters? Post some pics!
  18. viper_930

    Fragging my beloved Acro simplex

    This is one of my favorite corals from Steve Tyree's limited edition list, my grafted A. simplex. I got the first frag that he auctioned off back in November 2005 and just been growing it out ever since. Definitely a slow grower! Almost a year in my tank and it's grown from two small branches...
  19. viper_930

    New coral additions!

    Just a couple pics of some pieces I got myself for my Bday last saturday. Pics aren't that great because I used a different camera, but good enough. ATL Pink Skirt Paly If I blast them with enough light they'll color up like the crazy dasies. Yellow duster. They also had the rarer Japanese...
  20. viper_930

    Jigsaw clown

    I've never seen an ORA jigsaw clown with this much white on its side, so I had to have it when I saw it at the shop. :jumping: Too bad the opposite side looks like normal perc. :(