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    I'm out 4 now.

    I am breaking down my 90g today... I had thought of restarting the tank after the seahorses, but aside from a single Lemonpeel dwarf angelfish, I can't think of not one other fish I would want, I have been looking at fish for over a month, and absolutely nothing appeals to me. This morning I...
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    Freckles my Potbelly seahorse died.

    I think she was just old... but what a bummer. She was my first (Freckles) and last one, I lost the 2 males to some kind of pouch infection a couple of years ago. One female the first year just disappeared, I think the eaters of the dead got to her body, I never found it, and one female died for...
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    Broken Chiller...AAAAHHHH

    It's 1:00am I just got finished replacing the chiller on the 90g...thank goodness I had broken down the 56g and had a spare chiller all cleaned up and just waiting to be reused (I almost sold it). I smell like a fish tank, my back is screaming... The tank is not supposed to go warmer then 67...
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    A critter that actually eats Cyanobacteria

    The bat star. The only thing I ever read on them is that they eat algae and are great scavengers. I have two, and sadly my tank developed a huge pile of cyanobacteria that began last week. It was getting pretty thick on my sand bed, and I was dreading the step ladder climb to remove as much as...
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    Dead seahorse

    One of my female potbelly horses was dead this morning. Not a mark on her, she was hunting for amphipods just before lights out and doing fine....this morning she was on her side dead, near where I saw her last night, and it couldn't have been for long, the CUC hadn't touched her yet. I'm so...
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    Books you should have

    Hi, There are two books I always recommend... Pocket guide for marine fish, and the one for invertebrates. I just realized carries both books, including a great one for corals. These books are IMO, a must have collection. Take the books with you to the LFS, and not have to ask...
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    Cleaning sand question...

    I am just checking to be sure... I cleared the 56g, nothing is left but stray baby snails, bristle worms and sand...oh and bits of macroalgae. My plan: I am running freshwater over everything and I'm stirring up the sand as I go. I plan to let it soak over night. I have rinsed it, and rinsed...
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    I need some help.

    I am at this moment removing all the live rock from the 56g so I can clear it of bristle worms. My Kuda seahorse, pipefish and shrimp are making their new home in the 30g for now.... Here is my problem, How do I safely remove mushroom coral from live rock? I can't keep the rock, it has bristle...
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    GFCI questions

    Hi, I don't have a GFCI outlet for the 30g long tank...I'm looking at the portable ones. The problem is that, as with all fish tanks, I need more then one outlet. Can I attach a portable GFCI extension cord to a power strip, and would that be safe?
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    Cycling question

    It's been some time since I set up a brand new tank... I have the 30g long cycling...I have just been waiting for it to go to 0, I knew it would take time so I haven't bothered with testing, since I poured pour ammonia into the tank and there was no need to wait for it to spike. I have two...
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    I need some help to understand....

    I am setting up a 30g long seahorse tank. I need at least 6500K light to keep macroalgae and maybe some mushroom corals. I found a reasonably priced LED light, 3000 lumens... but what the heck is a lumen, basically I just need to know if it is at least enough output lighting for the macros?
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    Setting up a 30g long

    Okay, I'm planning to move my pair of Kuda seahorses into a 30g long. It's no where near tall enough for these big's just a temporary home until I can rid the 56g of bristle worms. I also have a blue strip pipefish, and my snails along with 5 peppermint shrimps. I don't want to...
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    My Kuda female seahorse has a bad infection...I think she was stung by a bristle worm and it became a sore that is festering. Her anal opening is all white. Dhe is eating okay and I pout her in a 10g hospital tank. Then I got out the API Furan-2...but there are no do I use...
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    Hello everyone!

    So...I had to go hunting for because the one I saved to favorites page was gone...but I found it. Things look pretty different, but at least i's here. How is everyone liking the new set up? I have no idea how to load images using the URL address...I got spoiled with point and...
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    Help for when the site goes down for a week

    Hi, Many of us need each other for the hobby, and this site is our life line when we need answers. Anyone who want's help during that time, can PM me... and perhaps other members in the know as well, for getting their personal e-mails. That way if something goes wrong we could still be in...
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    I admit defeat

    The chiller isn't working right. I think it's time to let the 90g go and find a hobby that won't worry me to death on a daily bases....anyone want it, come and get it. You can have EVERYTHING.
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    I have Chiller questions

    Hi, I have a 1/10 Arctica titanium chiller on my 90g tank. It is keeping the temp exactly where it needs to be...but it seems to me like it's running all the time. That's my concern. The only time the compressor gets a rest, is if I put a couple of bottles of RO water that I have frozen, to...
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    It's a question

    I have a question for folks, I know the answer, but wanted to find out if anyone else knows. If Jesus was killed and placed in the tomb on Friday evening just before dark (good Friday), how can 3 days and 3 nights pass before Sunday morning when the easter folks claim he arose from the dead...