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  1. kjord97

    LEDS = TULLIO = ARAD, PFO, & Advanced Lighting Sol

    This is big trouble..... Not only is the LED industry being slammed by a big time corporation for patent infringment, Such sad news!!!!
  2. kjord97

    Octopus NW 150 ??

    Well this morning I placed an order for a new Octopus NW 150. I have been reading some great reveiws on this guy. Can anyone tell me what are all of the mods that can be done and I have heard there are some videos. I am puting this skimmer into my new 45 gal sump which I just put on my 3...
  3. kjord97

    Putting a SUmp on my 75Gal

    Well, I finally ordered my parts to set up my sump. Caught a sale and got some items cheap. Picked up a ESHOPPS PF 1000 Overflow Box - Up to 200 gal. - Dual - 9 in. x 3 in. x 10 in. Mag Drive 950 Pump with 10 ft. Cord Was going to go with the Life Reef but spent many hours on saltwaterfish...
  4. kjord97

    My Zoa Collection

    I am working on my personel website and was wondering if yall could help in getting the proper names for my Zoa's. I know I have Wham'm Watermelons and Purple People Eaters, but I would like to know what the pinks are called and what type the green eyes our. 1st Pic ?????? 2nd Pic Pink ...
  5. kjord97

    Blue Tang Sting

    So, my friend in our local club got pricked by the barb on the tangs tail during his tank tear down. I would say he has been handleing tanks for 10+ years, so he is pretty cautious. Well from his explantion, the prick was 5 times worse than a lion sting and his hand swelled up like a...
  6. kjord97

    Seahorse ID ???

    Can anyone please tell me what kind of seahorse this? I have been in hobby for 5 years now and the wife has been begging for her own seahorse tank. The nano has been up and running for 1 year now and only has ever had 1 fish in it. It is a pajamai Cardinal that is tiny. The tank is loaded...
  7. kjord97

    Majano or Bubble Tip

    About 3 years ago I bought what I thought was a RBTA. I brought it home and it spread out to over 9 inches across. Well about 1 year after I had it, it split. I said cool, now I have to. Well in the past 2 years it has split about 25 times and they keep getting smaller. I have given...
  8. kjord97

    My 24 gal Nano

    This is some pics of our 24 gal nano tank. Only maintenance performed is a water change every 2 weeks. Other than that I forget it is setup.
  9. kjord97

    MY 75 Gal Mixed Reef

    Here is my 4 yr old reef tank. It has been through a couple of moves and is finally starting to settle down. Lighting 2 x 400 MH SPS 10k bulbs. 7 hours a day online 2 x 96 watt PC actinic 12 hours a day online 1 icecap 2 x 1 watt moonlinghs for the night time Filter CPR hang on...
  10. kjord97

    Blue Hippo Tang eating Corals

    SO, my 4 year old blue hippo tang who is about 6 inches now was just caught doing something bad. I have had zooanthids all over the tank for a long time, but in the last few weeks they have been slowing disappearing. Well today while on watch I caught the bad guy. My hippo tang took a...
  11. kjord97

    The Third Annual Southern Maryland Reef Symposium - November 10th

    The Southern Maryland Marine Aquarium Society ( is proud to host the Third Annual Southern Maryland Reef Symposium featuring noted speaker and author Anthony Calfo* on November 10th, 2007. This event will be held at the Calvert Marine Museum from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm located near...
  12. kjord97

    2 x 400 watt MH on a 75 gal

    Well while i was over my buddies house I was checking out his 90 gal set up. He has 2 x 400 watt MH 20k bulbs and 2 x 36" T-5s over his 90 gal and they look great. The tanks looks awsome. SO yesterday I took my 48 gal bowfront and 29 gal reef and combined them into a 75 gal. The only...
  13. kjord97

    Chili Coral Pics

    :cheer: Hello all, Just thought I would share some pics of my chili coral. I recieved this about 8 months ago from a gentleman selling his tank. It was a solid hard red mass just covered in algae. I placed it in the tank and it sat there for 4 months. Then slowly started to open up...
  14. kjord97

    For Sale 150 Gal Drilled All Glass Tank

    For Sale, $ 325 150 Gal 6x2x 20 Inches tall drilled all glass tank. This tank was set up at my buddies house for a few months before he decided to buy a 220. I bought the 150 with the intention to set it up, but have not found the time to do it. I already have a 125gal 48 gal and...
  15. kjord97

    Sps Id??

    I purchased 2 new corals here in my area and was wondering some exact names for them. Here is the pic I am questioning the green large SPS in middle and the purple branch on right. The yellow sqaure is a frag from a tounge coral and the brown polp looking sps is pretty cool but i forgot...
  16. kjord97

    SunPod HQI Metal Halid

    Just purchaes and waiting for it to be shipped to my house. I got the 36'' version. It has 2 150 watt 14k halides and 9 leds. Has anyone been using these lights and how do they perform.
  17. kjord97

    Plate Coral Babies Lots of them

    So, yesterday while i was performing about a 40 gal water change on the 125 gal reef I noticed something strange with my Plate Coral. Just so everyone knows, it is about 9 inches across and is a beautiful green with a purple mouth. It is a short tentacle plate neon green (Fungia sp.) and as some...
  18. kjord97

    Actinic Opinions Please

    I have been into reef keeping for 5 years now and have had 4 tanks for the last almost 3 years. My most recent is a 46 gal bowfront reef with both SPS and LPS and some softies. My question is this, i have been told that Actinics are not required, and even listen to Mr. Sanja at a conference say...
  19. kjord97

    Brand New Tunze filter in box for sell

    This unit is brand new never been used in the box. I decided to upgrade my tank from a 75 to 150 gal and decided to go with a sump instead of hang on tank filtration. I can ship anywhere you would like me to ship the unit, shipping will vary by zip code. My zip is 20621 to get an idea of...
  20. kjord97

    Weird things Happening ???

    here is a short log of events. i was curious if anyone could make out any reason why this is happening. short story is all my zoos where closing up and dieing off for about a month in my 125 reef, moved them all to my 45 gal fowlr and 20 hospital and they opened up and are...