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  1. ricks280

    My Hippo Tang

    blue tang in a 50gal???????????????????????????? u must have rocks in your head! your tank size will never be suitable to host that tang because your parameters will change to often(rick) not to mention the swimm area
  2. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    and more... BTW- its not an office, its just a study..
  3. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    thnx for your replies everyone... - The tank is not built in-wall but it looks like it is.. heres some more photos so you can see - I also have some photos of the ''Behind the Scene" - The angel use to pick on a little brain, ages ago when it went in, but it gradually stopped. - Yes, the blue...
  4. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    thnx for the reply, yes, he does host in that anemone and its roughly 40-50 cm wide and 30 cm deep. every now and then when it opens up more, its bigger.
  5. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    last one...
  6. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    few more...
  7. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

  8. ricks280

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    was bored, so i decided to take some pics.
  9. ricks280

    Yellow Belly Blue Hippo habbits?

    by the way shark boy there is no such thing as a lazy tang unless there sick!
  10. ricks280

    Yellow Belly Blue Hippo habbits?

    a tang in your size tank should be swimming at all times , the fact that he wedges him self in between rocks teels me that his in a bit of stress , is there any signs of white spot on him couse they can sit in the current when ick occurs. the other question is what happens when you feed him...
  11. ricks280

    Leaky Tank

    here in australia they sell a silicone tube for gutters that can be applied even if the surface has moisture so im sure if you go to a plumbing place you will be abble to get some . let us know how u get on. (rick) but long term it may pay to look into another tank
  12. ricks280

    Butterfly Fish

    use a q/tank and do hiposalinity dont dip, and dont use copper thats like quimo. just check the desease thread and it will tell you the steps of the above .(rick)
  13. ricks280

    naso tang with coral???

    it will be fine with corals and i agree with lion make sure it will have plenty of room in regards of food they love greens!!!!!!!!!! i think they have shares in the nori industry (rick)
  14. ricks280

    what method did you use

    get a harpoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rick) cat maybe? :thinking:
  15. ricks280

    Flame not eating?

    get some nori wet it in salt water and break it up with your fingers thats how i got mine started i then use to chuck a block of m/shrimp in the sump so that when defrosted it would be picked up by the return pump and shoot them out into the display tank j.m.i (rick)
  16. ricks280

    Fraging a Kenya tree

    i wish money was that easy to frag :thinking: (rick)
  17. ricks280

    stepped on an anemone

    highcottn, you have the bug! swf.................. you hosted an anemone :hilarious (rick)
  18. ricks280

    Do we all always feel this way?

    yes , yes ,yes, it takes over your marriage, your job, tv and the list goes on! might even take over the beers!!! any body for a glass of salt water???????? :scared: (rick) cheers! :hilarious
  19. ricks280

    clown's best friend

    i think the clown missed a rental payment and his about to get evicted from his home :hilarious . nice picture i hope his home gets bigger! (rick)
  20. ricks280

    210 Reef Tank Pictures 03.08.07

    i think you should donate that tank to australia! well? ill make it easier for you, just drop it at my house and ill take it from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hilarious great work (rick)