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  1. crashedin0

    carpet anemones ?!?!?!

    a few questions sand or rock ? and the stinging is it as bad as a bta Vs other corals i always hear bta kill stoneys but not so much about carpets
  2. crashedin0

    coraline bubble

    well this has me very scared :scared: because bubble algee i hear "dont pop the bubble!!!!! what ever you do dont pop the bubble!!!!" but i saw that it had coraline algee growing on it :thinking: not covered but lik 5 ball point pen size spots so will the coraline cover it and make it...
  3. crashedin0

    halogen to MH DIY?

    wasnt there a way to use a halogen light and wire it up to a mh lamp ? it was something lik 500 watt halo equal 150 watt Mh CUZ of the 5 inch sive or wut not
  4. crashedin0

    wanted MH for a 10 gal grow out

  5. crashedin0

    maroon dance ? i hope

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! well came home with 2 maroons the both are kinda incomplete striped well both about the same size maybe 1 and a half inches well i put them in and they kinda wondered and then they kinda tail slaped each other then it happened i mean crazy battle so i scooped up the...
  6. crashedin0

    best food

    well what do you guy recommend i here about cyeeplez or somthing i dont kno i have sliversides krill brine and flake what do you guys think i should get keep in mind i am feeding candy canes, brian, shrooms, recordia, zoos, anemone, yellow polops, leathers, banded shrimp and a brittle...
  7. crashedin0

    calcium to add or not to add

    i hate anything in a bottle but i hear that sps and lps suck that stuff up should i add and how often
  8. crashedin0

    candy canes

    well how much should i have if i were to get a candy cane in my 10 gal very close to the light like within 2 inches of the surface i am at 72 watts of pc and i am scared of someone telling my you need MH
  9. crashedin0

    wanting a snowflake really bad !

    well i asked on another topic and no one helped me have some pocket change and i am thinking of geting a snowflake eel not getting a tessa because they get way to big and way to crazy what would you guys say is a good size tank for a sfe heard most people say they get around about 30 inches...
  10. crashedin0


    tomato clown and cinnamon whats the differance they look the same i would figure they are the same just patterned alittle bit darker kind lik onix basicly the LFS has what looks lik cinnamon but they call it a tomato i hav cought them in lies before so i dont want to belive them his he...
  11. crashedin0

    teaching to host

    well i kno that tank raised is harder to get to host so i was thinking ? get one wild false perc and one black the wild should host soon and teach his friend then take out the wild and add another black and the first black would teach the second thus haveing two hosting black false perc so...
  12. crashedin0

    not sure if he is alive or not

    stringy stuff coming out of my anemone mouth could he hav spit his guts out seabea anemone bought him white he was turning brown already feed him bout 9 hours ago clown was hosting him but i havnt seen him in there in lik 3 days i pulled some out of the water smelled lik sliversides that...
  13. crashedin0

    converting FOWLR 2 reef

    well ive been wanting to do reef and reefs only but so many thing should be stable that it wasnt economical so i did a fowlr and well its been 9 months and i finally hav the money to do a big investment can i just throw corals anemones and sensative fish in there or would i need to do things...
  14. crashedin0

    host yeah

    he is hosting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :joy: long story short tomato in seabae tomato tank raised woohooo
  15. crashedin0

    hallogen light?

    well i want mh but i am broke walmart has some worklights for 15 bucks but the spectrum is all off can i slip a mh bulb in there and call it a day? i dont kno about ballest or any of that basicly cheap mh bulb out there?
  16. crashedin0

    id me pls

    well id him please
  17. crashedin0

    fast shrooms?

    well i see all the post about outta controol shrooms well what kind tend to spread faster than others? i have some shrom but they dont seem to do much recordia green (really want to spread ) umbrella (would be nice but he dont seem to want to) brown with green kinda bumpy (want him to but...
  18. crashedin0

    bringing them to the dark side hahahaha

    well today has been a good day i convinced two people to join the saltwater world lol has anyone else ever done this
  19. crashedin0

    get in your home dont u wanna go home ???????

    ok im tired of this how can i convence my tomateo clown to get in the anemone someone told me at the pet shop (not a worker) to rub him with the anemone (as in pick it up and rub the with it) i am scared the anemone will get stressed any other tips
  20. crashedin0

    gold stripe with no gold

    well i got my maroon clown today he is so cute and well he isnt gold striped will he get more "defined" as he ages or i donated some money to