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  1. socalracer

    A little success......

    Hope Im not jinxing myself but my rock beauty has made it to six weeks and looks stronger then when I first got him/her. It eats anything I put in the tank (oraglo clownfish food, nori, scallops, reef flakes, brine shrimp) and is very active. I know Im lucky so far.
  2. socalracer

    do i need to go fishing....

    i was soaking my food in garlic and missed a is about the size of pea and made its way into the tank......i would fish it out even if i didn't need to but it is in a hard to reach spot......tank is a 100g if that matters, do i need to go fishing for it
  3. socalracer

    cheap sponge

    long story short i have a rock beauty angel and want a large, cheap, sponge to put into the tank and let him eat in hopes of prolonging its life......also if it could be fragged that would be great so i could cycle the new frags into the tank
  4. socalracer

    what kind of sponge

    I have had my rock beauty for about a week and he/she is eating everything even clownfish pellets, anyways I would like to get some sponges for him in hopes it will pro long his life (did not know what I was getting into and the fish store gave me no indication) so my question is what kind of...
  5. socalracer


    anyone ever made there own P. Skimmer if so how?
  6. socalracer

    WT heck it happened again

    well I haven't added any fish to my 100g in awhile. Also I decided about a year ago that I wasn't going to buy any fish over 20 bucks as their are plenty of Cheap wonderful fish. Anyways for my b-day my girlfriend took me to the fish store and got me a fish. I've wanted a pygmy angel for awhile...
  7. socalracer

    two headed mushroom

    looked in my tank today and one of my green striped mushrooms has 2 heads growing from one stalk....anyone else ever seen this I will try to take a pic if it is unusual
  8. socalracer

    help with anenome

    my haitian anenome has some kind of stringy substance coming from its mouth about half of its tentacles are still inflated but as a whole it doesn;t look that good. Is it dead or about to die? is there any thing i can do?
  9. socalracer

    black false perc's

    do black false perc's start out orange and gradually get their black coloring? I bought to a couple of weeks ago and 1 especially is getting blacker by the day.
  10. socalracer

    clown goby in anenome

    the other day i seen my green clown goby restinging my haition anenome this is the only time i have seen it happen. Can these goby's handle the sting? I think i have seen something that said they could.
  11. socalracer

    possible total tank meltdown

    i just started my swamp cooler and all kinds of debris flew in my tank. this included rust bits,paint bits, and dirt. I probally got half of it out with a net and immedietaly removed all my filtration and rinsed it. it is a 100g tank and prob had the equivalent of a sandwich bag half full of...
  12. socalracer

    crazy thing in my tank

    so i turned my lights on for my aquapod and i sall this long worm like thing on the back wall. it was white about 3-4in long and was about the diameter of a sewing needle, it had no distinguishable features but it moved like a snake with its front end going back and forth and the rear being...
  13. socalracer

    what are the benefits of live brine shrimp over frozen if any?

    just like it says
  14. socalracer

    growing mushrooms what else

    ok all i have is strip fluerescent lighting from wal mart over my 100g.... once when i bought a fish 1 green striped mushroom made its way into the bag well it grew and over the course of a year..... i now have over my question is since the lighting is obviously sufficient for...
  15. socalracer

    what anemone is this

    just seen one at a lfs white with purple tips and a red foot is this a condi? on another site it says clowns will often not host. does this sound right?
  16. socalracer

    what do fire shrimp eat?

    just got a fire shrimp and i am wondering if i need to actually feed it, and if so what do i feed them? or will it survive like hermit crabs....thanks
  17. socalracer

    aquapod grids are a peice......

    just got a aquapod 24 and the surface of the water looks lke crap i searched and found that the solution is covering the intake grids with a peice of acrylic bc water still gets past the inserts (what a crappy design). does anyone know any benefits of the girds? and the people who put the...
  18. socalracer

    aquapod sponge filter placement?

    I was kind of disappointed with the directions that came with the tank (aquapod 24) does the blue sponge filter need to be level with the top of the black backing or like a inch lower so the water can run through? also vertically from top to bottom were the sponge filters are there are black...
  19. socalracer

    what eats hair algae

    i have green hair algae and its not horrible, (i kinda like a lil on the rocks) but it looks really bad on the sand bed what will eat it Hermits?
  20. socalracer

    people in CA

    im going to have my 2 yr old daughter near san diego and wanted to take her to an aquarium what would you guys suggest the scripps aquarium at UCSD or sea just worried sea world might be to many rides and not enough exhibits and im worried scripps might be really small.....i've...