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  1. boucherh

    Brooklynella Help!!

    I was given a beautiful mated pair of Ocellaris clowns about 10 days ago. They looked great up until 2 days ago. Both of them have small whitish patches on them I suspect is Brooklynella. The patches are hardly noticeable though... They look almost as though they scraped themselves against...
  2. boucherh

    Is there something wrong with my oce???

    I too have a couple of clowns that have these same black spots. For the past few days I have been researching and have come to the conclusion the spots are likely the results of a coral stinging the fish. Do you have any Euphyllia (frogspawn, hammer, torch, etc)? I have seen many posts about...
  3. boucherh


    I am curious as to what everyone's opinion is on supplements (magnesium, iodine, strontium, etc). Do you feel they should be used? If so, which ones do you prefer and why? Is there anything you feel should NOT be used? Thanks!!!
  4. boucherh

    Quick, ID this hitchhiker. His life is in your hands!

    Just wanted to add my two cents... I have a pistol shrimp and a goby and they are the coolest thing I have ever seen! It is so cool to watch them work together (the shrimp spends ALL day digging elaborate caves and tunnels in the sand. He never strays far from the goby, as the goby offers...
  5. boucherh

    Yuma Questions

    I bought what I think to be a Yuma (I can't tell for sure... It has stayed closed up for the most part). Do they move around a lot? Mine will not stay put! It was originally attached to a small piece of rock (which I puttied to a larger piece of live rock) but it moved. I have placed it in...
  6. boucherh

    Orange Sun Coral

    I am having a hard time with mine right now. It was in bad shape to begin with (the fish store did not feed it. I was hoping to try to save it). It does not come out at all during the day, and only a few of the heads come out at night (and they don't usually come all the way out). I have...
  7. boucherh

    Sun Polyp Trouble!

    The tentacles only partially come out after dark, even when I feed them. I have tried feeding them in the tank, and also isolating them so they are exposed to more particles. I am trying mysis shrimp tonight. I have hand fed a couple of the heads and am hoping they will hold onto the pieces...
  8. boucherh

    Sun Polyp Trouble!

    Help! I tried to save a sad looking sun polyp from my LFS and I don't think I am having much luck. I don't have any pictures at the moment, so I will try to describe... I have one with several branches (tubestra?) However, his branches do not have flesh on them. The branches are stony, with...
  9. boucherh

    Cyano Help!!!

    Everything was going great and then out of nowhere... Cyano everywhere!! Almost everything is covered in red slime! I have been picking it off coral daily, and skimming it off the sand on the bottom. I have also been: -Doing 10% water changes every 2 days or so (RO water only) -Using...
  10. boucherh

    Another Hammer/Frogspawn Question

    We have a piece of frogspawn that we added about a month ago that is doing wonderfully in our 10 gallon reef. 3 days ago we bought a beautiful piece of Hammer. It seems to be doing really well (it has opened up pretty big). My only concern is that it seems a little droopy. Even though has...
  11. boucherh

    Expanding the cult

    Have her take a little time to actually look at the tank. I can always find something new in my tank. It's really cool how nearly everything is alive. You could have her pick out something to put in the tank that she likes. If there is something in there that is "hers" she might be more apt...
  12. boucherh

    Supeglue: all bad or some brands okay?

    Super glue is fine, but steer clear of Krazy Glue. I have heard horror stories about it being used in fish tanks!
  13. boucherh

    nuisance anemone?

    The 3rd and 4th pictures look very similar. They are very similar in size and shape. The ones I saw had a some pink in the tips of the tentacles. What can you tell me about these guys? Are they "bad" anemones? Thanks again!
  14. boucherh

    nuisance anemone?

    Hi All! I am new to the board. My dad has had saltwater aquariums (the majority of which are reefs) for nearly 20 years. I on the other hand just set up my first reef (I have only had fish only tanks in the past). I am somewhat familiar with coral and inverts, but still have a lot to learn...