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  1. yellowtail

    frogspawn help!!

    i am recieving a frogspawn soon and dont know about his/her tank conditions are, so i am wondering what dip would work best to make sure nothing comes in on the hammer i dont want in my tank.i dont have a coral QT so what would be the next suggestion on what to do. will those bacterial...
  2. yellowtail

    Stopping in to say Hello

    hello, I havent been on this board for close to 6 months and just dropping in to say hello.
  3. yellowtail

    NM reef

    i was just remembering about the frags you got from Johnny around christmas. Can we have an up date on them?i am espically interested in the status of the red polyped/purple base monti danae.
  4. yellowtail

    super glue gel v. sj's reef glue

    with regular super glue gel, do you need to dry off the rock area first? i have used sally joe's reef glue in the past (didn't like the fact that the applicator always got clogged and i had to keep cutting it) and I didn't dry off the rock or frag. is there a different procedure with regular...
  5. yellowtail

    WTB: base rock

    how much do you have?
  6. yellowtail

    how to ship frags...

    what is the best way to ship frags in cold weather. where should the heat pack be to the bags?
  7. yellowtail

    zoo help

    i have a colony and some zoo's from it have creeped onto a piece of lr that is NOT there something i can do to get it off that wont have any bad affects in my tank? 1.) could i kalk them and if so should i aim for the mouths? 2.) would scraping them off inside my tank be harmful...
  8. yellowtail

    new camera pictures..

    how do they look?
  9. yellowtail

    help me build a sump

    i was thinking about make a sump with baffles. i was hoping to get a ER skimmer in there which i have in my sump now but it fits only by a hair. so if i got a 20 long what would you reccomend. i would like it to have a fuge, place for skimmer, and place for the return pump(mag 7) by the way i...
  10. yellowtail

    pvc questions urgent

    the pvc i got has blue marking on it stating its size etc obviously printed from the factory. i think that this comes on all pvc. is it ok to put in the tank and use it as supports for eggcrate racks with the lettering on it or do i have to sand it off?
  11. yellowtail


    im going to the lfs tonight to get water and possibly live rock. i am planning on getting 11-15 lbs of lr for a 20 gallon frag tank. does it matter what type of live rock i get as long as it is porous?
  12. yellowtail


    would adding a .5"-1" sand bed in a to gallon frag tank have a posotives to a barebottem tank? will it help feed the coral or keep the tank cleaner? also if all parameters are ok is 3 weeks enough for a tank to be cycled to add zoanthids and mushrooms and xenia?
  13. yellowtail

    preference or not?

    i got 2 questions... i put the tank and stand on my 20 gallon high in my house. it is not exactly level (the little buble in about 1/8" off from center in the leveler). will this cause a problem. the water isnt in yet. how far away should the tank be from the wall? is it prefenrence?
  14. yellowtail

    MH question...

    i got a mogul 175 watt mh reefstar 14k pendent /fixture thing.i am going to mount it about my 20 gallon HIGH for frags. how high above the water could i mount it so i will have no heat issues?
  15. yellowtail


    i have a mg 7 return pump with the basic black return body with the adjustible nozzle for directional flow with the little hole in the side that i am guessing is the check vavle?so my water level is at the point where half of the little hole in the side is submerged so it is creating bubles inb...
  16. yellowtail

    couple weeks enough?

    i am getting a 20 gallon frag tank and i will cycle it with about .5 inches of ls(does this sound alright?) and around 15 lbs lr.after the cycle is finished and parameters are stable (no ite,very litlle if any nitrate, no amm ph around 8.2) could i wait like 3 weeks until i add some zoo's...
  17. yellowtail

    problems with...

    4 bulbs for a TOTAL of 380 watts of VHO abouve a 40 gallon reef?
  18. yellowtail

    i am having trouble finding the right powerhead...

    i am having trouble finding the right powerhead... i am setting up a 20 gallon frag tank and want to have 4 powerheads in it.yes, 4, as i want nice flow but dont really care for looks as it is not a display.what would you reccomend.
  19. yellowtail

    eggcrate racks...

    i MAY gte a frag tank and want to start planning.i want to make some egg crate racks for my up and coming frag tank but everytime i try to break some pieces off in the center to form a square inbetween other the ones around it crack but i get the ones out i wanted.what should i do.and also how...
  20. yellowtail

    debating this issue.

    i am debating whether or not to get a quarentine for coral for new additions.what would be reccomended as far as qt?do people even qt coral?would a good dip work ok? is this scenario possible,why or why not? a coral colony/frag is shipped and is healthy.when the person recieves it it has fungus...