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  1. kevinbeatzeus

    Doing a research paper, on Monitpora. Anyone know good info sites?

    Hello everyone, I'm in a marine biology class, and I have been assigned a research paper on a Marine species. I have chosen to do it on the various forms of montipora. There is very limited info on Wiki-pedia, and i've not been able to find anything really of substance. If you know any sites...
  2. kevinbeatzeus

    How do I eradicate Green hair algae?

    I do have an RO/DI set up. I use the API phosphate test (which i think is aweful) and i'm under 1ppm.. I have only 1 power head, in the 90 gallon tank. However, there ARE 6 returns going into the tank. I have a closed loop suppling 4 returns and 2 return pumps. i could probably use more flow...
  3. kevinbeatzeus

    How do I eradicate Green hair algae?

    It is growing everywhere!
  4. kevinbeatzeus

    anyone with odyssea lights? feedback please!

    I just wanted to chime in and let you know that if you are buying it off the BAy from some guy named Elvis, out of NOrthern California (San Fran area) you should take heed. The price was right. However, the unit sucks! It was a 48" 2x 250 watt MH + 4 x55 PC, + moonlights. He advertised the...
  5. kevinbeatzeus

    Yerboy's rimless SPS build

    I got that same Ro Unit. Is that the Chloramine unit? Have you set it up yet? If you have are you getting 0 TDS readings?
  6. kevinbeatzeus

    Red Slime algae... HOw do i get rid of it?

    Sweet! thanks for the good ideas.
  7. kevinbeatzeus

    Red Slime algae... HOw do i get rid of it?

    So, to alleviate some of the excess nutrients should I do a few water changes. I'm going to do 20 gallons today, and planning on another 20 on sunday or monday. The flow on the gravel (which under the halide is covered with the cyano) is pretty good and the flow hitting most of the rockwork is...
  8. kevinbeatzeus

    Red Slime algae... HOw do i get rid of it?

    I keep my lights (250 wat MH+96watt PC) on 9 hours there is a lot of flow in the tank I use RO water bought at the water store Nitrates =0 Nitrites=0 Phosphates=1.0 *I have done a 20 gallon water change (75gallon tank+20gallon sump+10gallon refugium) This red slime stuff is everywhere...
  9. kevinbeatzeus

    Does Los Angeles water contain Chloramine?

    I'm about to buy a RO/DI system and I just came across a site that has an RO/DI +chloramine filter. The description is kind of leading me to believe that large municipal water supply districts add chloramine to the public water. I want to make sure i get the right unit from the start. Thanks, Kev
  10. kevinbeatzeus

    what fish should i add to my 60 gallon tank...?

    Nice Tank... I have a pair of Melanarus wrasse. They're very attractive and very cool fish. starry blenny?
  11. kevinbeatzeus

    Calcium levels won't rise

    i'm not quite sure. i'm using the API test kit. It says that however many drops of solution you use is the level associated with the ALk level.
  12. kevinbeatzeus

    what should i feed my lobo brain?

    And how?
  13. kevinbeatzeus

    Calcium levels won't rise

    I've been having issues with my calcium ever since I restarted my reef. I have been consistently at around 340-360 calcium. I'm using the API test kit and I've had it for about a year now, and i'm pretty sure it's dependable. I've been adding the recommended dose of Kent, Turbo Calcium. The...
  14. kevinbeatzeus

    My 210 Build starts today

    Originally Posted by A_Thrice HAHA look at the blue tang checkin out your new setup. He's like "LEMME GET IN THERE!"
  15. kevinbeatzeus

    75 gal Build

    I did the same thing. and it's definitely convenient. I have a closed loop system with 6 different outputs going back into the main tank. then, i made and extra one like you that i could drain water quickly and efficiently. what i did was use the ball valve to turn the water off or on. I hooked...
  16. kevinbeatzeus

    Drilling LR

    I did a lot of drilling into my live rock because i built a big rock wall, using eggcrate, lockties and live rock. I had the most luck with a dremel. The pieces of rock were small, but the dremmel really did a good job.
  17. kevinbeatzeus

    What is the minimum lighting?

    Originally Posted by goldberg33 Im actually a hawks fan, I just like the movie. If your a wings fan I dont think I want your suggestion. Anyone else with more than half a brain have any suggestions? HAHA, i have a couple leathers, lots of zoas, mushrooms and such, and on the side that...
  18. kevinbeatzeus

    What is the minimum lighting?

    Go Red Wings!
  19. kevinbeatzeus

    hermits in the refugium.

    I have a couple hermits in my refugium just to keep too much algae and fish poopy from being in there. But i want pods and i want lots of them. Will the hermits grub on my growing POD population in the refugium?
  20. kevinbeatzeus

    Good Magnessium tests?

    Which one is the most reliable?