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    Head phone music

    Ok not sure how many people here know I weight training for 30 years. My gym is a big metal building no heat or air. just a dungeon . I love it hardcore only. no employees they just leave the doors open. Well no music either. never used to bother me but I spend 5 days a week there and silence...
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    New powerheads

    My 8 year old mp40s finally went. Great heads but as everyone know expensive. I have my 90 reef going now all stocked and alot of corals. I plan an 8 foot tank in about 18 months so wanted heads I can use on it later. So bought 2 jabao pp20 WaveMaker heads. No way I can use both. Crazy strong...
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    I knew better

    Well even after 30 yrs at this still a stupid moment I had 3 fish in my dt. 3 in my qt . My qt was in my rv one died so I took the temp of the water and it was at 88. So instead of relocating the qt to the house I put the 2 in my dt well the hippo has ich. I had a 20 qt but for 5 fish I thought...
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    1st order

    Ok got my order a couple hours ago. Been on this forum for 8 or 10 years. I did a 6 pack frag . Dwarf angel.. clown and a blennie . Couldn't be any happier. Frags are all bigger then an inch and the fish look super healthy Thanks to this place . I paid 110 dollars for 2 frags at my lfs . 90 for...
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    my 90 reef restart

    Well been over 3 yrs without a tank. Already got it running .90 display and 28 sump. I built a simple 2 section sump. Had lowes cut the 3 glass pieces for the baffle. Its full of rock and the sand is still clearing. My set up for full reef Around 70 pounds of dead rock in display and 25 in the...
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    my 90 starts soon

    Ok havnt had a tank in 3 yrs building my house. Some might remember i had a 250 reef for years. But for now i plan to start back with my 90 . My tank isnt drilled so what overflow is good these days? I have an eshopps and its too loud. I know ghost overflow is awesome but everyone is out of...
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    Ok there are a few people that know me for years. But i invite all advice. Some know me and the wife have been having main issue is she takes care of the animals and seems to care less about me.trying to make a long story short. I dont get fed or taken care up if you know what i mean...
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    Pretty sad when there is more spam then members posting
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    who would divorce?

    Ok.been married 13 yrs.its to the point we have no kids.we have alot of animals that drive me wife loves the animals way more then me imo.i am 2nd to them.4 horses. 6 dogs and alot of chickens and ducks.i am constantly building and repairing things for these far as i am...
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    new member

    I am new here .just wanted to say hello.