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  1. gmen

    pc retro kits in nc must sell

    Gang I was looking around and I have a couple of PC retro kits I must sell. These are left over from when I use to run a business. All prices are at my cost. You just pay the shipping. Everything is brand new! I closed my business back in September and I dont need any of this.. 55w PC retro...
  2. gmen

    need help canon s30 software

    gang, I have a canon s-30 powershot. I had some work done on my computer and I lost the software that came with the camera. I tried to download it but cant find it anywhere. Anyone with this cd that can burn it for me I will of course send you money to ship it to me! I really need it b/c I cant...
  3. gmen

    37g complete setup nc

    Gang, 37g AGA drilled top back left, no overflow, back is black 15g sump with baffles mj 900 cap 2200 return pump 250w heater black iron stand Sv1 Excalibur protein skimmer plumbing This setup is ready to go. All you need to have it running. I do not want to part out. All equipment is...
  4. gmen

    corals and clams for trade NC

    Ive got 2 squamosa clams about 3" and a 3" gold tear drop maxima, 2 pink hammers with about 3 or more heads, 1 with one head, some acro colonies....and some other frags...I have all this in a 125g prop tank that IM selling so I need to get rid of this stuff or trade for stuff that I can put in...
  5. gmen

    pic of my 180g mixed reef

    here is a side view of my 4 month old 180g mixed reef. I took the pic with a canon s-30, P mode, iso 50, no flash, w/b set manually set
  6. gmen

    New Corals of the world 3-volume book set

    I purchased this 3-volume set about a month ago. I opened it once and glanced at the first book for about 5 min. I have not even opened book 2 or 3. This is a brand new set and its collecting dust. J. Veron - A three volume set with over 3,300 underwater photographs in color. Over 900...
  7. gmen


    Anyone LDS in here? Just curious
  8. gmen

    wtb 1/3 hp chiller in nc...may have stuff to trade

    Im looking for a 1/3hp chiller in nc or near by. Im not completly sold on needing one. My medusa alarm went off yesterday when I hit 82 degress but I didnt have the ac on in my house....but still got me thinking about looking into a chiller. I do have a dual pfo pulse mh ballast 250w used about...
  9. gmen

    Pics of my 180 photo intense dial up beware

    Hey Gang, Its been awhile since I have been active on this board. Last I was on here about a year ago I had a 90g. Then got a 300 and sold it before setting it up and now my 180g is a few months old. 180g AGA megaflow 3-250w 14k Coralvues 2-72" VHO URI actinics 2-1" seaswirls 1-ampmaster 2700...
  10. gmen

    tang question

    Im debating my tang selection for my 180g. Im not worried about the tang police so please keep those comments to yourself...My question is about orange shoulder tangs and them getting along with a naso tang. I plan to keep both along with a purple tang. Anyone keep a orange shoulder and if so...
  11. gmen

    wtb medusa in nc

    looking for a medusa
  12. gmen

    pro heat won heaters

    Please tell me about your experience with these. Rumor has it they overheat your tank. I ordered 2 of the 250w heaters by mistake I meant to order something else. Im trying to see if I should sell these or just use them. They are still in the box if someone would want to buy them. I paid close...
  13. gmen

    No Room Have to sell 300g asap

    I know some of you have seen my posts of me setting up my 300g but the thing is I took over my wifes dinning room and need the space so I have to sell it. Tank is a 300g drilled oceanic tank that retails for over $3000.... I will sell the tank and stand for $600. Im in Durham nc. email me at...
  14. gmen

    WTB mounting bracket of seaswirl

    I have a 1" sea swirl I need the mounting bracket for glass tank, I bought it used and it came with the acrylic mount.
  15. gmen

    XM's for sale and still have the m57's

    I have 1 250w 20k and 2 400w 20k....all brand new never fired up. 250w $50 400w $57 or 110 for the pair. shipping will be around $6-10 or you can pic up. Im in nc. I also have a pair of 175w m57s ballasts for sale. $40 each .......if you buy the pair I will toss in shipping. everything i posted...
  16. gmen

    300g is finally in my house

    I have had this tank for a few months sitting in my buddys house. I finally got all the electrical work done and the stand completed. We moved the tank in last weekend and will start the plumbing this weekend. I still have to build the canopy, skimmer, and ca reactor. I will probably do the...
  17. gmen

    VHO plug and play system for sale Brand new!!!again
  18. gmen

    2 m57 mh ballast for sale

    I have 2 175w m57 mh ballast for sale. These are brand new never used . Im in nc but will ship. $40 each or $80 for the pair with free shipping in the US. email me
  19. gmen

    skimmer in nc for sale

    I have an excaliber SV-2 in sump skimmer that comes with a rio 1700. This skimmer says its rated for a 200g tank. I wouldnt put in on anything more then a 125g. Great skimmer IMO. You may want to replace the rio with a cap pump. I had to replace the rio one time. I had this skimmer on my 90 and...
  20. gmen

    Brand new VHO plug and play system in nc

    I have a brand new vho plug and play system in NC I bought it thinking i was going to use it on one of my tanks but changed my mind. All equipment is new and still in the box. I will sell it for $228 with 4 46.5" uri bulbs you can pick between 50/50 or actinics. I will also trade for live rock...