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  1. kevinbeatzeus

    Doing a research paper, on Monitpora. Anyone know good info sites?

    Hello everyone, I'm in a marine biology class, and I have been assigned a research paper on a Marine species. I have chosen to do it on the various forms of montipora. There is very limited info on Wiki-pedia, and i've not been able to find anything really of substance. If you know any sites...
  2. kevinbeatzeus

    How do I eradicate Green hair algae?

    It is growing everywhere!
  3. kevinbeatzeus

    Red Slime algae... HOw do i get rid of it?

    I keep my lights (250 wat MH+96watt PC) on 9 hours there is a lot of flow in the tank I use RO water bought at the water store Nitrates =0 Nitrites=0 Phosphates=1.0 *I have done a 20 gallon water change (75gallon tank+20gallon sump+10gallon refugium) This red slime stuff is everywhere...
  4. kevinbeatzeus

    Does Los Angeles water contain Chloramine?

    I'm about to buy a RO/DI system and I just came across a site that has an RO/DI +chloramine filter. The description is kind of leading me to believe that large municipal water supply districts add chloramine to the public water. I want to make sure i get the right unit from the start. Thanks, Kev
  5. kevinbeatzeus

    what should i feed my lobo brain?

    And how?
  6. kevinbeatzeus

    Calcium levels won't rise

    I've been having issues with my calcium ever since I restarted my reef. I have been consistently at around 340-360 calcium. I'm using the API test kit and I've had it for about a year now, and i'm pretty sure it's dependable. I've been adding the recommended dose of Kent, Turbo Calcium. The...
  7. kevinbeatzeus

    hermits in the refugium.

    I have a couple hermits in my refugium just to keep too much algae and fish poopy from being in there. But i want pods and i want lots of them. Will the hermits grub on my growing POD population in the refugium?
  8. kevinbeatzeus

    Good Magnessium tests?

    Which one is the most reliable?
  9. kevinbeatzeus

    LED Lights???

    I have heard some things about LED lights and I am wondering, if their use could substitute my Halide, PC lighting situation. I think the product can be found on bidding sites; called LED Grow Light.
  10. kevinbeatzeus

    Quiet One Pumps

    Has anyone had any experience with these pumps? just ordered the Quiet One 9000, rated at 2300 gph. i'm going to use it as an external pump, powering my closed loop system. Can anyone (who has personal experience with this pump) give me a review? Good power? Heat transfer? ETc.? Cheers..
  11. kevinbeatzeus

    Drain line size for closed loop

    I'm making a closed loop with a Quiet One 9000. it's rated at 2300 gph max. I will have several return lines from the pump. What size/ how many drain lines should i use. the input is 1 1/2" and so is the return. They seem like pretty sweet little pumps. I hope the question is clear enough.
  12. kevinbeatzeus

    Tool to cut teeth in overflow

    what drill bit should i use to cut teeth into acrylic for my overflow?
  13. kevinbeatzeus

    options for A closed loop system?

    i'm using two of those strainer drains to draw the water out of the aquarium. I want to use an external pump for this because my sump will be very full. I'd like to split it to three (3) different returns to the main tank. what pump could i get that's under 200 that would give me good turnover...
  14. kevinbeatzeus

    missin fairy wrasse pair

    Two fairy wrasses i added last week. I've only seen them once. the day after i added these two fish they both made an appearance for feeding time, then i haven't seen them since then. My ? is are they known to be shy fish. the other two wrasses i have are very freindly and outgoing. levels have...
  15. kevinbeatzeus

    Can I add new fish to QT? More Info

    In the QT is already a blue tang. i used coppersafe, and it's at .25. Parameters are good. 0am. .5-nitrite. 0-nitrate. I just bought a 6 line wrasse, and when it got to me there was a little bit of a suspicious dark rough spot on it's side. looks like ick, only brown. I'd like to just try to...
  16. kevinbeatzeus

    copper question (so simple yet, so confussing)

    Hola! Happy thursday. atleast i'm happy i got three great new additions to my tank, Two very different and beautiful fairy wrasses that have both come out of hiding in there first morning, which had me very suprised. And then a very nice looking powder brown tang. I've had my eyes on this fish...
  17. kevinbeatzeus

    pesky anemones

    What's the best way to kill those little anemones apastia? i think that's what it's called. they're small and there's a couple in my tank,
  18. kevinbeatzeus

    AnYone heard anything about this sump?

    So i'm looking for a good sump that will offer enough space to house refugium, protein skimmer, and return pump. Im using it for a 75 gallon reef tank. Should i go with the medium size unit?
  19. kevinbeatzeus

    What is the suitable ppm copper range for QT?

    HEllo, I'm quarantining a Blue hippo tang he's been in the QT for 2 weeks. I am using CopperSafe by Mardel. The instructions were to add 1 tsp. per 4 gallons water. It's a 10 gallon QT. So i added the suggested amount and then tested it. the copper is at about 0.25ppm. That doesn't seem like...
  20. kevinbeatzeus

    question about lights i bought from ----

    Hello, A few months ago i purchased off (of the most popular auction and bidding site which I guess I can not mention starting with "E" ending in "Y") a new reef lighting setup. it was Eeeeeebaaaayyy user HOMBBY and the deal was 375 dollars for 48" 2x 250 watt HQI, 4 X65 watt actinic, 6x...