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  1. oceandream

    Sand Swap

    Well, i guess it's more of a donation to me. :) But I would be willing to swap some down the road. I have thought of a new idea! I'm going to set up a little tank, and make it a stand alone refugium. I was hoping I could start my live sand bed with a few scoops of sand from a couple members. I...
  2. oceandream

    Indiana Residents

    Any fellow Hoosiers out there?
  3. oceandream


    Anyone selling macros?
  4. oceandream

    Stand Alone Fuge

    I am thinking of starting just a little SW tank, 2-5 gallons. Would it be neat to just have a little LS, some macroalgae, and have a tank full of "bugs?" What kind of lights would I need?