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  1. nikesb

    Basketball humor

  2. nikesb

    Nike's 34g DSA Neo-Nano

    System Specs: DSA 34g Neo-Nano 24.5" x 24.5" x 14" Dual 1" overflow boxes Cascade waterfall return via Mag 9.5 4x24w T5-HO 1 reefbrite led supplement 10g sump/refugium Vortech MP-10 for flow
  3. nikesb

    fish are sick or just strange?

    so yesterday i added another percula to my tank. the two were fighting at first then got along after 30 minutes. then late at night, i went to go get a glass of water and my first clownfish had a white tint to him and he was just swimming into everything and his eyes were dilated. the second one...
  4. nikesb

    Nike's 10g Nano.

    Hello guys! The names nike cause i collect nike SB's as another hobby. I've recently ran across this place and love it. I'm in the process of getting a nano-tank together. I use to have a 55g reef 8 years ago. My tank has already cycled and am now in the process of choosing my lighting for the...