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  1. pete159

    Green hair algae on fake coral, keep it?

    my 46g tank is almost 2 years old. Some months back i battled both hair and red carpet algae. It finally went away but then started growing only a fake coral and nowhere else. Since i read that it feeds of of nitrates on phosphates I decided to let it grow, now it looks like a green hair...
  2. pete159

    Crab escaped!

    I was sitting at the computer wasting my day when I looked on the floor and saw a lump. I ignored it for the time being and then forgot. i cam back later and looked and saw it was a snail shell from my tank. A blue legged hermit crab crawled out of the tank and walked across the basement rug...
  3. pete159

    red sea marine lab 5 in1 test kit question

    can i use this kit for my freshwater tanks as well? i already did twice before i thought it might not be accurate.
  4. pete159

    Yellow wrasse vanished

    I have a 46g bowfront tank with 35lbs live rock. One of the fish is a yellow wrasse and i had it for about 2 months. The last 2 days i can't find it. it seemed healthy and liked swimming in between the rocks. I think maybe it moved to much sand around and the rock shifed and pinned it. or, and...
  5. pete159

    purple firefish in hiding after adding coral beauty

    I have a 46g bowfront and the purple firefish is staying under some live rock after i added a coral beauty. Will he eventually come back out? the beauty is peacefull and does not bother anyone, but the firefish does not seem to like it very much
  6. pete159

    seachem neoplex question

    does anyone know how many mg are in the little spoon in the neoplex 10g bottle?
  7. pete159

    seahorse almost dead

    my poor male reidi pony is almost dead. yesterday he was fine today he looks like this?> Anyone know what this is?
  8. pete159

    can't find yellow wrasse

    I added a 2 inch yellow wrasse to my 46g bowfront yesterday. he was bright yellow at the store but because he was scared he turned white in the bag. After i added him he has not been seen since. It has only been one day and i read they hide in the sand, but if he dies and i can't find him is it...
  9. pete159

    Some new pony and fish pics

    tank is a 46g bowfront with a nano arctica chiller an emperor 280 filter, 30 lbs of live rock and various pumps.
  10. pete159

    Some new pics, 3 reidi and tankmates

    here's a few pics of the 46g bowfront
  11. pete159

    need to replace bulb, eclipse hood

    i have a new 46 gallon bow front tank with an eclipse hood with 1 36 inch Fluorescent light. I'd like to replace the light but am not sure what to put in its place. Can i use a VHO bulb? i dont want to change the whole hood just yet, just the bulb.
  12. pete159

    new 46 g with ponys, (pics)

    my aquapod was leaking and to small and nitrates were hard to keep low so i got a 46g bowfront and moved everything. Everyone seems happy so far, here's apic
  13. pete159

    Might sell 3 reidi In Toronto area, anyone interested?

    I'm thinking about getting a bigger setup from my 24 gallon aquapod, might even go freshwater, so I'm thinking of selling 3 black, well taken care of, captive bred Reidi ponys. 2 Male and 1 female. the larger male has given birth twice, and the smaller one will soon get pregnant i think. the...
  14. pete159

    New Seahorse pic

    i took this tonight. It;s a captive bred reidi, i saw him eat at the store but he's not eating much yet, buti've only had him a couple of days.
  15. pete159

    Pics of my 2 CB reidi

    i got them 2 days ago, they are slowly getting use to their new home.
  16. pete159

    2 new captive bred reidi seahorse

    They are doing well so far, i have not tried feeding them yet, they are a bit shy still.
  17. pete159

    one of these will be my next tank, to big? i'm thinking of putting one in my living room
  18. pete159

    Lexi the longNose Hawk

    She's even looking at the camera for you.
  19. pete159

    Updated fish and tank pics, aquapod24

    the color on the rocks is really starting to take off, i'll have alot of nice greens and reds as opposed to purples i think. the longnose hawk is doing well, i'm glad i got him, he can do fine in a 24 gallon tank, just keep alot of rock.
  20. pete159

    RO/DI water kept in fridge

    can a jug of ro/di water be kept long in the fridge for use in top off's?