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  1. elmpops


    Which wavemaker is best with controller. I bought a Habakkuk W-25 and mode 2 should pulse, but did not turn off and on. Thanks for recommendation.
  2. elmpops

    Sand sifting Starfish

    I have several Starfish as part of my “clean-up crew”. I noticed one is bowed up from the sand. It does not move and has remained like that for a day. Here is pic
  3. elmpops

    Sail fin Tang

    I recently added the Saikfin Tang and thinking that there is enough difference, there should not be a conflict with the Yellow Tang I already have. I was wrong. They are about the same size, but the Yellow is more aggressive and with the tail barb, gets the best of the Sailfin. I have...
  4. elmpops

    Royal Gramma Basslet

    I have added this one to my tank about a month ago and really adds color. It has gotten to be good buddies with the three clowns. It does have a very unusual swimming habit of more on it’s side than upright. I also find it head up and tail up. Is this normal for the Gramma?
  5. elmpops

    3 Stripe Damselfish

    I have 3 of these damselfish and are fun to watch. They can a little aggressive toward each other and with the Domino damsel, but only lasts a few seconds. One has become good pals with the Singapore Angel. One of the Damsels will start acting funny by bobbing up and down and the first stripe...