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  1. upgarde

    coral compatibility question

    I want to buy a toadstool but im not sure if i can have one in my tank with the corals I already have. I was wondering if someone can tell me if it is ok to get one? Thank you in advance for everyones input. Corals I already have are... branching fs anchor hammer coral sun coral I know these...
  2. upgarde

    quick question

    So I just upgraded my 2 bulb T5 light fixture to a 4 bulb T5 fixture and I have started to get small air bubble forming over my snails and live rock. It does not appear to me to be bubble alge but I could be wrong. I also noticed that these bubble only appear when I have my 2 blue actinic lights...
  3. upgarde

    Can you...

    Im not getting to many answers on my other thread so I will post it here too. Ca n you keep a pegasus volitans in with a clam and other inverts?
  4. upgarde

    Fish ID Please!!

    Does anyone know what this fish is? and any info would be great!   Sorry for the crappy pictures but thats the best I could do the LFS, the guy said it was some kind of flying fish.   Thanks
  5. upgarde

    Light question help

    Would 2 39w T5 HO (one white bulb, one blue bulb) light be ok for keeping calms/corals in a reef/fish tank??