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  1. hickoryhollow

    placing Live Rock

    When I Aquascaped my tank should I have put the Live Rock up against the back glass or is having a gap between the rock and glass ok?
  2. hickoryhollow


    Hello to everyone, Sure is a pretty day after the storms we had last night down here in Arkansas. My question to anyone is how would I build a Skimmer for my 80 Gal. I love doing these DIY projects. Just wondering if there is any plans out there on this subject. Also I have created a led light...
  3. hickoryhollow

    rocks from the colorado river

    Hi to everyone, My son just gave me some of his rocks that we got from the co. river. These rocks actually look a bit like l/r they have crevices and tiny holes that I guess use to house little critters. We can see some fossiles in them. My question is can I use them for part of my reef wall...
  4. hickoryhollow


    Hello to all, I went into the den to check up on my tank and I found some new Algae. Now the Algae has spread to my sand bed. It's brownish in color and kinda blotchy. is this anything to worry about. And if it is how do I get rid of it? Thanks to everyone, Patrick
  5. hickoryhollow

    growing new coraline algea

    Hello to all, I was needing to find out what I could add to my new tank to get some coraline to start blooming. And does any one know if there is anything I could add to my tank to help with phosphates and nitrates. Thanks.... All replies are welcomed. Happy Reefing!