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  1. triggerfool

    Good, non-damsel, cheap cycle fish...suggestions?

    I'm cycling what will become a FOWLR 40 gallon tank...but I dont want to deal with the nightmare that damsels become. Are there any other fish you guys can recommend that are hardy, cheaper, aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. Tall order, i know...
  2. triggerfool


    Had a wipeout of all my girlfriends fish...and I think its my fault. Its one of 3 possibilities and Id like some opinions. 1) I transfered a Maroon Clown to my girlfriends tank, and this morning, her purple psuedochromis, striped damsel, and foxface are all dead this morning, and the maroon is...
  3. triggerfool

    propagating for auction...

    i got a colt coral begging for fragging. Do you all think the auctions on this site would be worth the trouble of fragging and shippig a coral. No one has put a frag up yet, so im hesitant to be the first. Any opinions?
  4. triggerfool

    any benefits to algae?

    My trigger tank is full of red and green algae. Its on everything except the front glass thanks to my new magnetic cleaner (the fella who created this should get a nobel prize). I was thinking that maybe the since the algae survives on waste, isnt it keeping my water cleaner? Or am i retarded?
  5. triggerfool

    Copepods: sign of a good tank?

    I have a mini reef that has a bunch of them after two weeks of setup, and a 43 gallon fowlr (niger and huma trigger) that finally has some. Does that mean things are going good?
  6. triggerfool


    Help! I moved my maroon clown out of my trigger tank because he was getting picked on. I caught him with a net, and one of his cheek spines got caught in it. I got him out after a struggle, he seems to be doing fine, but the spines are sticking out. Is this normal, has anyone had any experience...
  7. triggerfool

    Mini Reef Trouble...

    Im starting a mini reef in my 12 gallon eclipse, but i cant seem to get the temperature below 81-82 degrees. All i have in there now are some polyps and mushrooms, but im scared to get anything else. Will this temp be a problem for me? Bio Load=1 mandarin, 1 perc clown, and a clean up crew.
  8. triggerfool

    What up with the auctions?

    Details? Sharks? Info? My nose hurts...
  9. triggerfool

    Will an Eclipse 12 support ANY corals?

    Will the lighting on an eclipse 12 support ANY corals?They seem to be bright, but i dont know diddly about lighting, and i want to start a mini reef in there. Anyone?
  10. triggerfool

    Has anyone here farmed corals before?

    Ive been looking at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> about this subject, and i was wondering if anyone had tried it. It seems relatively feasible. THanks.
  11. triggerfool

    Just an observation...

    Okay...We all bought Live Sand, and we all bought Live Rock. Why did we do this? Because it has good bacteria. Biological filtration that makes it easier on the little fishies we all love. But since an aluminum can on live sand and rock can become "live" after a time, why do we buy it from these...
  12. triggerfool

    Would this be a sand scam?

    Now i know everyone is up in arms about this neil guy, so am i. He is a bad man. But lets say he had been using home depot sand and mixing it in live sand for a period of time to make it live. Would it still be a scam? Now if your anything like me, you spent a buttload of money on live sand when...
  13. triggerfool

    Fowlr to Reef...but had ich

    Let me start by sayin my how ya'll have grown. I havent posted for months, and it seems the community has grown by leaps and bounds. On to my question... I want to convert my 43 gallon tall that now contains a juvi niger triger, juvi rectangalaris trigger, and maroon clown into a non-aggressive...
  14. triggerfool

    Next fish in your opinion...

    Ok i got a 45 gallon with a porc puffer, a maroon clown, niger trigger, cleaner wrasse and a copperband butterfly. All are small, and i just got rid of a Huma Trigger and Domino damsel to make room for one more less aggressive inhabitant. Ill upgrade when i have to i have a 55 in the garage, so...