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  1. 9supratt4

    Why still selling Wild Bangaii Cardinals?

    Why is Saltwaterfish still selling wild caught Bangaii Cardinals?? They have not be added to an endangered species list, but everyone in the hobby knows that they are why still sell wild caught when captive bred are available out there?
  2. 9supratt4

    Snails that flip themselves over?

    So I need to stock up on my CUC, but I'm tired of buying Astrea snails because if they fall over they can't right themselves. Are there any snails out there that will do the same job and right themselves?
  3. 9supratt4

    Who's into wine?

    I'm pretty sure there are a few people on here that are into wine. I'm looking to store some bottles long term, but I don't have a wine cellar. Do these wine coolers work?
  4. 9supratt4

    Drilling holes in drains??

    I remember seeing this in a post somewhere, but I've searched and searched with no results. Someone was complaining about their overflows being noisy and it was suggested that they drill 2 small holes, I think, just above the water line in which those holes would make the overflows quiet. Can...
  5. 9supratt4

    Lyretail Anthias??

    I am thinking about adding a trio of Fiji Lyretail Anthias to my 180. I have been doing a lot of reading about anthias and how the more aggressive ones (the Lyretails) may slowly kill off the most submissive female, then the other female until only the male is left. Does anyone have any...
  6. 9supratt4

    OMG!!! Look at this worm!!

    I think its a Medusa worm. My LFS found it in one of their tanks!! Nasty looking thing!!!
  7. 9supratt4


    Has there been any new findings in HLLE cause and treatment?
  8. 9supratt4

    Fragging Paly's??

    I have a rock that is getting completely covered in Green Paly's. Is there a way to remove the Paly's from the rock?? Maybe use a scalpel to get between the stalk and the rock?
  9. 9supratt4

    Harlequin Shrimp with Pistol & others??

    Can I keep a pair of Harlequin shrimp in the same tank as my Tiger Pistol, Blood Red & Skunk Cleaner?
  10. 9supratt4

    Clown Goby with Swollen Body

    I have an Orange Clown Goby that was completely fine last night. Now today it's body from behind its gills to the beginning of the tapered section of his tail is swollen. That part of his body is discolored to the point that it looks like a white ball in its abdomen. I'm trying to get a...
  11. 9supratt4

    Save Steves Place

    I saw this on another site....Check it out....sign the petition.
  12. 9supratt4

    Chalk Bass Breeding??

    I have 2 Chalk bass that have been acting very strange. Chasing each other, locking jaws, etc. and now one of them is pretty fat. I know that they are simultaneous hermaphrodites, and I know they are pelagic spawners and release the eggs into the water column. Any chances of breeding these...
  13. 9supratt4

    Pods for culturing??

    I know I came across pods that are made to thrive in our tanks unlike the Tigger Pods by Reef Nutrition, but I can't remember which was best. Someone spark my mind??
  14. 9supratt4

    Sea slug surprise: It’s half-plant, half-animal
  15. 9supratt4

    What is this LPS??

    Everyone that has seen this coral has asked what it is and I have no idea...Anyone out there know?? It is a very nice deep green and it has some incredible sweeping tentacles that come out at night. Any ideas??
  16. 9supratt4

    Encrusting Superman Monti

    So who has one?? Mine is doing ok...but it lost a lot of its blue is very good though....and tips on keeping this coral?
  17. 9supratt4

    What fish to buy first?!?!

    So, should I buy a Bellus Angel or group of 3 Fiji Lyretail Anthias??
  18. 9supratt4

    FW fish question....

    So my 5 year old godson has a betta in a plastic tank with no heater and no filter. His bedroom is extremely cold this time of year because there is no heat in it. So I was thinking about getting him a standard 10 gallon glass tank and putting a small filter and heater in it. My question is...
  19. 9supratt4

    What to do with tank??

    What can I do with my AGA RR 180 that has a cracked plastic trim?? I can seem to sell it even for as little as $300. So what can I do with it?? I'd hate to just throw it away!!
  20. 9supratt4

    ID Needed!!

    This is from a friend on another site... Anyone know what the yellow thing is in the pictures?? He said it is definitely alive as he saw it crawling on a rock has like 4 or 5 almost like arms.