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  1. chinnyr

    Tank pic

    Well,I have been away from this board for a while,and I just wanted to post a recent pic of my tank.I have transfered my 60gal and 38gal into a new 90gal aga megaflow w/20gal sump.I am dealing with a small flatworm problem,and other than that things are good.Temp gets up to 84 some days,but that...
  2. chinnyr

    A pic from today

    Here is a pic of my tank I took today.Mostly leathers and a few montis.
  3. chinnyr

    cpr bak pak 2r have 2 fs

    I have two used cpr bak-pak 2r skimmers for sale.One has a new rio 600 on it.They were both in use until I recently upgraded to a bigger tank,and purchased a new skimmer.They both have a bit of coraline algae residue.Both worked fine,and the only part not with them anymore is the sponge that was...
  4. chinnyr

    Look what I found...

    Today,I was doing a big removal of my Xenia for fragging.When I moved one of the big rocks I found this bubble algae behind it.Thing weighed in at about 3 ounces too!Makes me wonder just how big this stuff can get.Bottle cap for size comparison.
  5. chinnyr

    Looking for trades in VA/NC

    I live in the Tidewater area of Virginia and I am looking for trades in Eastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. At the moment I have a ton of pom pom Xenia , gps,turqoise shrooms and yellow polyps.I will have some zoo frags and and some other softies soon too.
  6. chinnyr

    Northern Arizona reefers

    I know this is a bit off topic,but I am looking to possibly move to the Prescott or Sedona area of Arizona next year.Just wanted some input on the area and fellow reefers out there.I am a chef and would be looking for the same kind of work.Many tahnks for any input!:D
  7. chinnyr

    Forgot how long it takes!

    It has been so long since I have set up a new tank,I forgot how long it takes to get it going.I have great water conditions,but can't seem to get the water to clear up.It is a 38gal tank And I have done 4 or 5, 5 gal water changes and the water is still cloudy!It might be time to break out thhe...
  8. chinnyr

    WTB cpr bakpak 2 skimmer

    Anyone got a CPR bak-pak 2 hang on skimmer they want to part with?No damaged or broken ones please,thanks!
  9. chinnyr

    Pom Pom crabs

    Can you guys tell me your experience with pom pom crabs in your reef tank.Life expectancy,etc.
  10. chinnyr


    Sorry,I could'nt resist!
  11. chinnyr

    Macro id

    I have a form of macro algae growing in my tank that hitchiked its way in.It is growing rapidly can anybody give me an id,can't seem to find the link where I saw it before.It has little round pads on the end of a small stalk.Here's a couple of pics.
  12. chinnyr

    Sump divers

    Well,yesterday I brought home 6 asteria snails and 3 scarlet hermits to get my cleanup crew started for the new tank.I already have a couple of turbos and hitchiker crabs in the sump.Well,this morning I could only find a couple of the asteria snails......they were in the sump:eek: .They had to...
  13. chinnyr

    And....2 hours later

    I just finished spending the last 2 hours removing bubble algae from my reef.I was getting pissed because the last two people to see the reef comented on the bubble algae before anything else:mad: .Anyway,the biggest one was about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.Did'nt have but one pop before i got...
  14. chinnyr

    Followup to 5-pack,whole tank pics

    Here are some full tank shots.
  15. chinnyr

    What's your loosing battle?

    I have recently been battleing bubble algae.It all started from a small colony and has now appeared all over the tank.I tried emerald crabs and they caused too many problems with my corals,so I removed them.Now I just pick the stuff off by hand...don't pop them either!I am also getting ready to...
  16. chinnyr

    Could'nt believe it!

    I was just looking through some auctions online(site not disclosed) when I came upon an auction for 6 peppermint shrimp.The thing was over $52!Am I wrong,or is this alot.Then you have to factor in the shipping too!:eek:
  17. chinnyr

    Just a 5 pack

  18. chinnyr

    New lfs visit

    Don't you get excited to find a new store near you that you have never visited.Then,only get disappointed when you finally get there.I was on the way back from an out of town mountain bike ride today and stopped by a store,that a friend told me about,on the way home.there was not much to bee...
  19. chinnyr

    New coral pics

    Well,here are some resized pics of my new corals I recieved yesterday.I could'nt get a good pic of the bubbletip anemone.He decided he was camera shy I guess.First pic is of a yellow Tonga leather that went from out of the bag being only 4" across to a huge supersize 10"!
  20. chinnyr

    Looking for cpr bak pak skimmer

    Anybody got a cpr bak pak 2 skimmer for sale?Would like to add one to my new tank.