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  1. drewsbrews

    DT DSB

    Ok so I've got about 4.5" sandbed in my display tank. Fine grain stuff (sugar size?) compared to what I normally see in tanks. I'm starting to have my doubts about it from what I'm reading about DSBs holding bad stuff. Would reducing the depth negate possible issues in the long run? I know it...
  2. drewsbrews

    65gal launched

    Hello all, I've been poking around the forum for a few months, but wanted to make a more official entry. I'm very new to the hobby; My previous roommate started up a tank just a few months before I moved. My allergies can't handle most pets so I tend to have hobbies instead.. One of the latest...
  3. drewsbrews

    Snail ID: Black Shell Red body

    Hello, I picked up a snail in a lb of rubble from my lfs. (awsome stuff was full of bristle worms, shrimps, and a mini brittle star) The shell is about 1/2" long at most and shaped similar to a nassarius, except the "snout" end is more elongated/pointed. But the most interesting part is it's a...
  4. drewsbrews

    Water mix containers?

    What containers do folks use to mix water for changes? A friend of mine uses white plastic kitchen "wastebaskets". I know you don't want to use anything with antimicrobial/antifungal additives. Anyone know if Sterilite brand is safe? Their site FAQ claims their products are all safe for food...