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  1. jamesvishiou

    Metal Halide

    I was wondering if you could use a metal halide light like the ones that you use outside for a reef tank.
  2. jamesvishiou

    ghost ribbon eel

    where would anyone find a ghost ribbon eel?
  3. jamesvishiou

    Shop Lights???

    Could you use shop lights as ligts for soft coral??? I'm just wondering. How many watts are in each bulb? And what's the degree in kelvin?
  4. jamesvishiou

    Leaf Fish Question

    Has anyone ever kept leaf fish, and a scorpionfish before? If so, hows the experience?
  5. jamesvishiou

    Red Sea Prizm Skimmer

    Has anyone used the Red Sea Prizm Skimmer before? If so, how good is its performance?
  6. jamesvishiou

    MH Question...Please help

    On Metal Halides, which 400W something thousand K bulb has a whiter look? 10000K or 20000K Which color is better for the corals? Your help would greatly be appreciated.
  7. jamesvishiou

    75g tank!!!!No Pics ( Yet Hopefully...)

    75 gallon tank peoples! Im getting one for Christmas! Lighting: 2 Reef Optix 3 Plus HQI Pendants Moonlights (don't know yet what if you can.) Other Reef Junk: Give the best Hang-On Back Protien Skimmer please (have to wait till i get money to get a sump) Build my own...
  8. jamesvishiou

    Can you help me

    Is it completely wrong to use VHO's for SPS corals? I've heard that they do just fine and other cases that they don't do very well. Please help.
  9. jamesvishiou

    Pipefish & SPS Corals...

    I was wondering if you can keep SPS corals with pipefish, even though they say you can't keep banded pipefish with corals with stinging cells. Do SPS corals have the stinging cells?
  10. jamesvishiou

    Can you do this?

    How good would it be for an acropora to be under VHO's?
  11. jamesvishiou

    were can i get...

    were could i possibly get eggcrate that everyone has been using for coral propogation tanks? I can never find any anywhere.
  12. jamesvishiou

    Where do I get????

    Where do I get those 100+ gallon Rubbermaid water/ feeding troughs???
  13. jamesvishiou

    Stingrays...Reef Safe?

    I've always wanted to know, is there actually a stingray that isn't tempted to eat inverts?
  14. jamesvishiou

    help me

    I'm new to this forum thing but not to the hobby. I am going to set up a tank that i am going to make that is 6ft* 4ft* 3ft (long, wide, tall). It is going to be a reef tank, and i need to know what fish that will hide and come out from time to time for food, stays small, and one or two BIG fish...