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  1. reeftanker84

    PC lighting on a 55 gal

    yea thats why i want to get one that has 2 150 watt mh and t5 mix,but i have to get rid of the stuff i got first
  2. reeftanker84

    PC lighting on a 55 gal

    ok so if i want to keep sps and lps could i use PCs if there are more bulbs?,i have a 250W MH but its only one bulb and i dont know if 250 is to big for a 55 gallon,i would be willing to trade for a 70 watt MH or a 150 watt MH or mabey a T5 setup,i have the 250 watt MH with a 14k hamilton...
  3. reeftanker84

    Is it ok to use my tap water??

    you ever think to keep the jugs that you buy water in and use the brita filter and filter out the water and put it in the jugs,i do that for mine,i always have about 5 gallons made up at any given time,i know its not the same as ro/di but it works in a pinch
  4. reeftanker84

    PC lighting on a 55 gal

    ok i got a 55 gallon tank and it came with a 48 inch coralife power compact lighting,it only holds 2 bulbs,now i am wondering if this is enough for corals,i am hoping to get some sps and lps corals. if it is enough what kind of bulbs are going to be best? 6500k,50/50 or full actinic if this is...
  5. reeftanker84

    do powder tangs it lettuce?

    lol,you all do know sea monkeys are brine shrimp right?
  6. reeftanker84

    Whats your Favorite Zoa?

    i love my dragon eyes,i got 2 frags of them from my colony,i also like my reds
  7. reeftanker84

    Algae thrown away?

    well darn i was hoping somebody had a little bit of calerpa they might let me have, i have a canister filter that runs about 800gph and it has carbon,i also run a phos filter that i change weekly and my skimmer is a coralife 150 the only fish i have are 2 small blue satian damsles and 2 smaller...
  8. reeftanker84

    Algae thrown away?

    wow 3 days and nobody has algea that they are throwing away?
  9. reeftanker84

    Need ID Caulerpa?

    yes it is calerpa for sure,just pull it out but be carefull so you dont pull off the corals,if you do catch them and glue to a rock
  10. reeftanker84

    Algae thrown away?

    if anyone has some calerpa,ulva or grac that they do not want i am willing to give it a good home or some really pretty stuff for my DT PM me if you do and i will pay for shipping,i am in the middle of a nitrate spike for some reason,no fish died and i dont feed but 2 times per week and only as...
  11. reeftanker84

    Breeding Damsels

    a male damsel is never permanantly male but once a male changes --- to a female it stays that way till death buy once the female dies the largest of the males takes her place,and no you can have 2 male damsels of differant types and they will not change as they are not the same type
  12. reeftanker84

    False Perc Question

    yes you can as long as there is a size differance,i had one for 5 years before i put another one in the tank and things are doing great and they have been together for 3 months now and both are alive and well
  13. reeftanker84

    Lots of tiny serpent stars?

    most liklty they were so small and are only getting to the size for you to see i have tons in my tank and rocks,i see the little legs sticking out everywhere when i feed
  14. reeftanker84

    Alk Or Dh?

    KH stands for carbinate hardness and it is not the same as alk it is how hard of water is in the tank,same method to raise alk will work for KH
  15. reeftanker84

    anemone sting...OUCH!!!

    most just hurt for a while but some stings can be life thretening, if the finger starts swelling or ozzing better get her to the docter and tell them what happened
  16. reeftanker84

    What does wysiwyg?

    lol well i didnt know till not to long ago but i like it
  17. reeftanker84

    Clown Getting Darker On Top

    the same has happened to my one oscoleris clowns,i baught it and it was a differant shade of orange and over the last month its gotten alot blacker and now resembles a perc but the fish i have had for 5 years has not changed colors at all and both are fed mysid shrimp the one turning dark is...
  18. reeftanker84

    ID these Zoas please

    ok i got some new zoas comming on monday or tuesday they were wysiwyg and have quite a few polyps on them but i do not know the names of them any help would be nice
  19. reeftanker84

    Came along with some acans, what is it good or bad?

    he he yea just because it didnt eat the acans doesnt mean it wont destroy your other corals
  20. reeftanker84

    HQI question

    well just got a hamilton 250 watt 14k and its very blue,almost as blue as some 20ks ive seen,fired right up and seems to be working fine,made my green poylp look awsome!