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  1. darknes

    tea party ?'s and facts

    Originally Posted by VinnyRaptor fact - Obama's plan imposes a 39.6 percent tax rate on the wealthy, up slightly from Bush's 35% rate. still, the rate is far lower than many past GOP Presidents. Reagan imposed a 50% rate during his first term, Nixon had a 70% rate and Eisenhower a 91% rate...
  2. darknes

    My next project.

    What about building a wooden frame around the fireplace to hold the TV and hide all the cords? You could then cover the outside with brick facing. It could look like the actual brick from the fireplace, that nobody would even know its a fake frame.
  3. darknes

    Don't drink the Kool-Aid

    I'm pretty sure they are saying "O God", not "Obama".
  4. darknes

    Why would Satan hate you?

    Satan hates ALL humans, whether good or bad. Satan turned away from God because he hated that God put humans above the angels. So, satan's goal is to get as many humans to turn away from God through his deceitful ways as possible. Evil people are not his "boys", he hates them just as much as...
  5. darknes

    Little Green Men

    Originally Posted by GeriDoc Heat, radio, magnetism, pizza... Not to mention sight and hearing in any of the wavelengths/frequecies out of our senses (infrared, ultraviolet, etc.)
  6. darknes

    Little Green Men

    No, I think the chances of another planet with complex organisms is infinitely small.
  7. darknes

    Is Jesus God?

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego Yes, Christianity is a religion based on fear. It is "safe" to believe in and love Jesus Christ. I find it hard to believe that a person who does nothing wrong in his/her life and is completely honest and nice would burn in hell and endure the most terrible...
  8. darknes

    Is Jesus God?

    Originally Posted by YearOfTheNick This is very well said. My only disagreement is that God did not create us with the built-in flaw to sin, but with the freedom to sin... with the freedom of choice. There is a big distinction between the two. If we didn't have the freedom, we wouldn't be...
  9. darknes

    How much weight is too much for stand

    Are there cross supports between the legs of the stand? My biggest concern would be with shear stresses (50 gallon tank resting on it, and then it gets bumped on the side, causing the stand to collapse).
  10. darknes

    Anyone hear that Obama went to Church?

    Originally Posted by PBLRDom I can say that this bothers me on a pretty high scale (the original topic). For all the folks saying that this would be a completely different issue if he hadn't covered it I have one thing to say to you...... Dont FING WATCH IT. I am sick and tired of people...
  11. darknes

    Anyone hear that Obama went to Church?

    I'm not a fan of Obama, but I don't see any problem with this. If he would have not covered it and gave the speech with the symbol for Jesus above his head, people would have been yelling blasphemy that he is trying to symbolize himself as the messiah. Besides, he made several references to...
  12. darknes

    Obama to reverse the ban on U.S. Funded Stem Cell Research

    Originally Posted by DragonZim I am tired of the Christian Right dictating policy in this country. It has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with making the US a leader in science and research again. There are many, many things that I dont like our tax dollars being used for...
  13. darknes

    Obama to reverse the ban on U.S. Funded Stem Cell Research

    Originally Posted by DragonZim Because I personally feel that an embryo is NOT a living human being and if scientists can derive any treatments or medical breakthroughs using embryonic stem cells then they should be given the funding to do so. Don't you have enough respect for other people's...
  14. darknes

    House buying help please!

    Worth a shot. Unless you know there's a lot of interest in it and you REALLY want it, you don't want them to accept your first offer.
  15. darknes

    Does money mean nothing to our government?

    900 million to rebuild Gaza, a place that harbors recognized terrorists? Our economy is tanking, our deficit is skyrocketing, and yet we are still throwing around billions for anything? We could put 15,000 people to work for this. I'm not sure any of our congressmen have any realistic grasp of...
  16. darknes

    I'm Done!!! I'm Leaving!!! Crimzy's Outta Here!!!

    Dang!!! Way to get my hopes up!!!
  17. darknes

    Detane's NANOWAVE 9 project

    Very nice looking tank Detane! I've been researching nano-tanks, and really like the nanowave except for the heat issues I've read about. Could you show your chiller setup and how you are running water to the chiller?
  18. darknes

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Since when do illegals trespassing on private property have civil rights?
  19. darknes

    Food, that isn't food.

    As far as I'm concerned, anything that fits in my mouth is food!
  20. darknes

    An Interesting Statistic....

    The US gave over $25 billion in foreign aid last year. The problem with most African countries is that their governments are corrupt and steal most of the money that should go to help their poor. We can't do much about that unless you want to go invade all those countries too...