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  1. dazed2040

    any idea what this is???

    I thought it was a sponge but yesterday I noticed it had things coming out of the tips...kinda like little feature dusters you can see one of them on the upper left tip, the others went back in when I took the picture. Attachment 228164
  2. dazed2040

    down grading

    If I downgrade from a 180gal to a 45gal would I be able to use all the equipment for the 180gal...return pump, return lines, overflow box..etc? I have asked this question before but I was thinking of going to a 100gal but since had an overflow that ruined my brand new hard wood floors So in...
  3. dazed2040

    Sargassum Fish question.

    I am thinking about getting an Sargassum Fish, can anyone give me some good advice on caring for one. Can you get them to eat frozen and what is a good varied diet for them.
  4. dazed2040

    just noticed this today.

    a spong???? maybe? Attachment 227372
  5. dazed2040

    just need a few id's please

    I snagged a sponge fishing 14miles out and it has all kinds of goodies, a few brittle stars, anemones, feather dusters, little clams, snails and what I think might be a decorator crab but cant get a shot of him. Attachment 227276 Attachment 227277 Attachment 227278 Attachment 227279 Attachment...
  6. dazed2040

    amphipod question???

    What would be a good fish or invert for a 5.5gal nano to take care of a amphipod infestation%% I had a mandarin in the tank but he got sucked up the filter and did not make it, since then they have gotten out of control.
  7. dazed2040

    any clue to what this is???

    when I first got the zoas I noticed the one in the first pic but it was mashed and I thought it was nothing but over the months it has turned in to this thing with a sack and 2 mouths Attachment 226070 you can see its mouth open. They will close up when I get near the tank but open up again in...
  8. dazed2040

    Can I get an I.d.

    It was sold to me as an anacropora forbesi. thanks Attachment 225670 Attachment 225672
  9. dazed2040


    where would you go locally to find local chain hardware stores don't carry them and neither does my lfs. I need a new one today so ordering one is out.
  10. dazed2040

    cool reef videos

    I came across some cool video of the great barrier reef while researching fungia...enjoy
  11. dazed2040

    Can fish go blind?

    I assume they can I have had a damsel for a year now and it started to hover on the bottom even when the light are on so I moved it to my QT just to watch it for a few days, well today when I was feeding him he knew food was in the water and was trying to get it but kept on missing...then it...
  12. dazed2040

    I guess the mods can't read!!

    I posted a thread about swapping my equipment from my 180gal to a 90gal but the thread was closed because i was accused of selling..LOL if sepulatian would have read it right he/she would have got is the original post If I got all new equipment for my 180 could I swap all the old...
  13. dazed2040

    equipment swap

    If I got all new equipment for my 180 could I swap all the old stuff to a 90gal....overflow box, pump etc....or would it be too much flow?
  14. dazed2040

    ricordia splitting?

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if it is splitting I looks like it has a second mouth but its had to see. Attachment 224987
  15. dazed2040

    id please

    can you tell me what this is. I have to scrape it with a razor blade to get it off it, will not just rub off. It grows in round spots and is light green, not slimy at all. Attachment 224930
  16. dazed2040

    coralline algae?

    can anyone tell me what the first stages of coralline looks like...I read that it is lime green then turns pink then purple
  17. dazed2040

    Wow!!!! check this out.

    Its 18 minutes long but if you like beat boxing then you will love it...amazing!!!!!!!!
  18. dazed2040

    LED lighting

    anybody use leds on your tank? I am thinking about getting this light for my nano but I am not sure how good they are. Attachment 224155 Brilliant LED light fixture great for small or large aquariums * Use as the primary light for compact, desktop aquariums * Perfect supplementary fixture for...
  19. dazed2040

    any clue to what this is?????

    I found it on a clam I have, just wondering what it could be? Attachment 223797
  20. dazed2040

    first attempt at a nano

    So I decided to take the plunge in to nano tanks, I just love their look. I went with a 5 1/2 gal, not sure what corals to go with yet...still taking a look at whats available. The lighting is temporary the new lights are in the mail I hope to have them by the end of the week Attachment 223465...