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  1. scubamatt007

    Pink algae spreading

    Anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it? It doesnt suction out easily and is increasing. I always had it in my sump but never in my aquarium. Thanks.
  2. scubamatt007

    90 gln 2 year mark

    Well its been two years since I combied my 12 gallon and my 55 gallon into my new 90. I switched over from filters to a 35 gallon refugium. In the pic the water moves from left to right going through rock rubble and some media. The whole next section is full of chaeto. Nitrates have never so...
  3. scubamatt007

    help with 90gl

    Im replacing my lights in my 90 gallon. Its 18"wide, 25" high, and 48"long. It has dual actnic lights and 2 150 Watt MH 20,000k. Is this enough light for sps, anemones, frogspawn, etc...??? thanks for the help.
  4. scubamatt007

    New 2 clams

    Just bought this clam off of the SW sale. Have never done clams so I thought Id give it a chance. My tanks 90 gln and a year and a half old. I temp acclimated it and put it in. It is opening and closing but thats it. Not real reactive either. Is this normal for awhile? Hes been in for 3 days.
  5. scubamatt007

    BTA splitting

    Ive had my BTA for about 8 months and it has done great. Lately I noticed that it wasnt extending out like it normailly does. I can now tell it has split, but half of it looks great and half looks defalted. Its been like this for about a week. Whats goin on? Anything I can do?
  6. scubamatt007

    getting my clown to host w/ pics

    I must say that when I first heard about using pics to get your clowns to host I laughed. I have a false perc and a bubble tip that have been together for about a year w/o any interest. I put a pic up about a month ago and periodically moved it around. I finally gave up last week and took it...
  7. scubamatt007

    anemone smoking?

    my anemone has been shooting what looks like smoke out of his mouth. could this be it trying to reproduce? sick? let me know what ya think. the mouth is extended into what looks like a cone. Ill attatch a pic. Thanks for the help.
  8. scubamatt007

    ID coral

    Got this from a friend. Any ideas? And do I need to feed it or is MH enough?
  9. scubamatt007

    Inhereted coral

    I got this from a friend but Im not really sure what it is or if it needs more than the MH for food. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. scubamatt007

    Xenia probs and pics

    My xenia forrest started to wilt a couple of days ago. To this point it has thrived and spread. What is odd is that everything else is doing great. Mushrooms, frogspawn, hammer coral, star polyps, anemones....all doin great...see pic. Did water tests. ammonia, nitrates, nitrites all 0. ph...
  11. scubamatt007

    Hair algae- the battle continues...

    So Ive had a growing hair algae prob. I have a 90 with a 35 refugium with chaeto and grape caulerpa (which Im slowly weeding out). I also recently put in Chemi pure elite to try and reduce my phosphates even further. My tank lights are on from 9 to 7 and my fuge lights from 7am to 7pm...
  12. scubamatt007

    Macro..whens too much too much??

    Ive got chaeto and grape caulerpa in my fuge...the caulerpa is on the rampage. I feed some a couple times a week to my tangs, but it doesnt make a dent. When do i start tossin some??? The whole fuge is almost full.
  13. scubamatt007

    banded shrimp...prego?

    Ive got a pair of banded shrimp...all of a sudden today one of them has a grey/blue belly???? Is it prego? If so could it be a bad thing?
  14. scubamatt007

    Heteractis Magnifica Help!

    Ive had this HM for over a month in my 90 gallon tank and its been doing great. I do regular water changes of at least 10 gallons every week or two. Nitrate and Nitrate are 0, Alk is 200-250, ph is about 7.8 (been struggling to up it), ammonia 0, temp 78. Light is a SunPod HQI 2x Metal...
  15. scubamatt007

    My fish pics...

    What would be a good addittion? 2x scooter blennies, 2x false percs, 2x blue hippo tangs, possum wrasse, lemon peel angel, yellow tang
  16. scubamatt007

    90 gal pics

    Let me know what ya think!
  17. scubamatt007

    Id Eel

    Got this at a LFS. It had gotten into their sump and they found it while getting ready to move locations. Its a burnt orange/red color, 8-10 inches long, and a little bigger around than a pencil. Only paid $20..... Hes been great in my tank. Sorry for the pics but hes a little shy.