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  1. salty tank

    Dropping everything and moving

    Has anyone ever just dropped everything, including friends, family, house etc. and just moved. I mean maybe not abandoning your friends and family but just completely moving away out of state or country? I wanna do this when i turn like 21 to anywhere that is nice and has nice beaches. I wont...
  2. salty tank


    how many people here went or are going to college? I dont know yet, i wanna go to get a degree and get a good job but i suck at high school as it is. Most colleges want you to take 2-3 yrs of foriegn language but i failed french2 sophmore year and didnt retake it cause i cant sit in a classroom...
  3. salty tank

    How to tell if starfish is dead

    How do you tell? Mine hasnt moved in like a day and even before that he didnt move much. I bought him saturday. Will his color fade?
  4. salty tank

    Red Sea Star

    I just bought a sea star and added it to the tank. When i first added it his legs were sticking up a little and now that are flat on the sand. For the past 45 minutes, that is the only movement i have seen out him. He hasnt moved at all. Is he dead? In shock? Resting? WTF?
  5. salty tank

    Marine Biosediment

    I just added kent marine biosediment. Anyone else use this stuff. Right now my water is foggy as hell. I put it in my fuge like told. How does it work? Does it have seed in it for mangroves and algeas or is it just sand for your fuge?
  6. salty tank

    Macro Algea in fuge...

    I put some kind of macro algea in my fuge in october. One type was this thin dark green stuff like a ball of hair, the other type is kelp i belive, it looks like there are grapes on vines almost. I have 19 watts about 8 inches above the fuge and the algea doesnt seem to be growing. My lights are...
  7. salty tank

    natural protien skimmer

    My return hose in my sump is making a lot of foam bubbles that look and smell like the ones in my protien skimmer. It is because of the baffle that is next to the hose and somehow the water rushing into my sump and into the baffle makes bubbles. Its cook except like once a week now i have to...
  8. salty tank


    My mag 7 which is powering my protein skimmer is making bubbles in my main tank. I dont know how. Any time i turn off that mag 7 for my PS the bubbles go away, so it cannot be my return pump. Also i just replaced magnetic propeler (spelling?) in my mag 7 because it stopped working. WHATS GOING...
  9. salty tank

    Legalize marijuana?

    What do you think? I say yes. Alcohol is legal and makes people act crazy somtimes. Hemp is also valuable for paper and clothes, not to mention it is more durable than cotton. Imagine how much money the government would make on taxes from selling marijuana. More people die of taking advil each...
  10. salty tank

    Goby Help!

    I just bought a goby and i FORGET the type of goby it is. It is black with a white stripe down both sides running from head to tail. It almost looks like an eel. It is suppost to dig in the sand. Which brings me to my next point, i havnt seen him in 2 days which means hes either in the sand or...
  11. salty tank

    Quiet Pumps

    What are some brands that sell quiet pumps? I have 2 mag-drive 7 pumps and they make alot noise. I dont really notice the noise until i turn the pumps off then the den is like silent.
  12. salty tank

    First ick outbreak

    I just bought a neon goby 5 days ago and i think he may have ick. He may have white spots on him for another reason though. For the past 5 days he has been between 2 rocks and almost never swims farther then 5 inches from his cave. I noticed he rubs on the rocks alot while in his cave. Could...
  13. salty tank

    Neon Goby

    I just bought a neon goby and he has been hiding under two rocks for 4 days. he wont come out to eat. will he starve? what should i do?
  14. salty tank

    calcium supplement question

    For the first time i started adding calcium to my tank. Will running activated carbon 24/7 take the calcium out of the water? Thanks.
  15. salty tank

    Maintaing and cleaning your tank

    What do you do weekly or bi-weekly to keep your take clean. Me, every otherday i empty the protein skimmer cup and weekly i sift the sand, clean the back glass and clean the algea off of the silicone. I also fan off the rocks to get all the crap out. What else should i do? Also, how do you clean...
  16. salty tank

    Dukes of Hazard

    Anyone seen this movie? Its ok but jessica simpson is amazing. She needs to get into playboy or somthin, id buy that mag. I feel bad for nick, i think id kill myself if i couldnt tap that anymore! ha ha
  17. salty tank

    Fish eating your shrimp?

    In the past two months i have lost a fire shrimp and a cleaning shrimp. Only the shell was found after. Do you think my fish are killing the shrimp and eating him live? Or could it be that the shrimp died for some other reason and then the fish ate him? Are you supposed to feed your shrimp...
  18. salty tank

    Lymphocyctis help

    My threaded butterfly may have this. I have had my tank for 4 months now with no diseases. He has maybe like 5 small sand like pieces on the tip of a few fins. This freaked me out, i thought it was ick. THere are no white spots on his body just little white specs on his tail. What should i do...
  19. salty tank

    starting a small reef

    I have added a green star polyp and a gogorian (spelling?) to my tank. I only have 192 watts which i know isnt much. My green star has been doing good the past month, it has opened and even started spreading. ALl of a sudden the polyps are not opening (past 2 days) Why is this? The polyps on the...
  20. salty tank

    How often do you test water?

    I havnt tested mine in almost 2 months. I check for ammonia and salinity and thats it. After i pute in my refugium my water became so stable that i realized i was wasting money testing water every other day. I will test it though if i see somthing wrong. How often do yuo test?