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    Hiya, Has anyone started using this line of products? Meadbhb
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    Corrise, six-line and flasher wrasse

    Hiya, Is it possible to keep all three of these small wrasses in a 46 gallon bow front? I've fallen in love with all three of these guys. I've had a six-line for 3 years until I had a nitrate spike. I just purchased a yellow corrise wrasse and want to get a flasher, but I miss my six-line. I...
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    False Tang

    Hiya, I saw this fish in a local LFS and it looked just like a yellow tang, just a little more squarish. Does anyone know anything about this fish? Could it live in a 42g bow front reef? Kim/Meadbhb
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    Live rock at LFS

    Hiya, I'm hoping to add some more lr to my tank and the local store has some in. He buys pre-cured and cures it in a tubby with no lights for an additional week before putting it out for display. Problem is, it's covered in diatom's right now. Should I wait for this to clear up before putting...
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    Those thin colored scrub pads

    Hiya, I was wondering if it's safe to use those thin colored scrub pads that you can buy for like a buck that are in a bundle to remove coraline algea? I've got a bunch of the stuff to removed from the front of my glass and my magna float just can't take it off. These aren't treated with any...
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    Bumblebee shrimp gobie

    Hiya, I saw one in my lfs, one I trust, and I've fallen in love with it! Do you think it will get along with my bi-color blennie? Also, at 1-2 inches, will it get lost in my 42 gallon? There's lots of rockwork to hide in and only two other fish, the bi-color and a six-line. Also, what pistol...
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    Frustrated!!! Poison Ivy

    GRRR, I've got poison Ivy on my arms and my tank needs work! I changed my light out Thursday and some of my corals have expanded so much I'm afraid they'll start attacking each other. Plus, my pagoda cup is fading and needs to be moved into more light, and a red polyp coral (I think sun coral...
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    red polyps?

    Hiya, My store has a coral in called a red polyps. It doesn't look like the normal polyps out there. It looks like a sun coral, but a little different. It's in a ball shape, about the size of a soft ball and has been there for over a month. It's out in the open and I see no recession of any...
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    should I kick the bucket?

    Hiya, Need some opinions. I brought a plastic bag full of rolled coin, all denominations home the other night and put them on top of the lid that covered my bucket of RO water. This is the water I use for evaporation. Well, sometime during the night, the lid broke and the bag fell into the...
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    Hiya, Can two toad stools live within touching distance? I've got a yellow and a brown one right next to each other. I don't want to loose either of them. Meadbhb
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    Neon Dottyback and Royal Gramma

    Hiya, Well, I tried to find some info on these in the fish forum, but no luck. Has anyone had a neon dottyback before? My LFS has one that is tank raised and was told they are reef safe. Also was wondering if they'd mix with the royal gramma. My other LFS has a tank raised species and would...
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    Neon Dottyback

    Hiya, One of my LFS has a tank raised Neon Dottyback. Anyone have experiance with this guy? I was told it was reef safe. Meadbhb
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    Clown going down hill

    Hiya, I'm getting pretty frustrated. I've lost almost every fish I've put into my tank, except my two damsels. Which were added AFTER I cycled and because, well, I like them. Tank is a brand new 37 gallon eclipse, that's been set up since August 3rd. The only chemical I've added has been for...
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    Rock Anenome's

    Hiya, I've seen some anenome's advertised in my LFS called rock anenome's. They said they were very hardy. I tried a search on the site, but couldn't find anything, maybe I used the wrong key words. Can someone give me some info on these? Meadbhb
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    Red Bali starfish

    Hiya, My LFS just got a bunch of these little red starfish in. However, they were in the process of unpacking their order and couldn't tell me much about them. Are they reef safe? What do they eat? Are they as sensative to acclimation as other stars? Meadbhb
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    Keyhole Limpets

    Hiya, How big can these get? Mine were small at one time, now they're about 3/4-1 inch long. Meadbhb
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    what do I need for a frag tank?

    Hiya, Hubby has given me somewhat of an okay to set up a frag tank. He wants me to find out what I would need and how fast hard and soft corals would grow or if they can be kept in the same tank together. So, if you were to set up a frag tank, tell me what you'd get. Brand names and prices...
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    zebra hermits

    Hiya, Will zebra's get along with scarlets? Or am I asking for an all out war in my tank. There are plenty of shells in the tank for growth. Meadbhb
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    Hiya, I've got some turbo's and nassarius snails in my 37 gallon. My local store has astrea snails in aren't they the same as turbo's? If not, should I add a few to my tank? Meadbhb
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    Candy Cane Coral

    Hiya, I noticed last night that one of the heads on my candy cane coral had two mouths. Is it getting ready to split? If so, what do I need to do to help it along? Meadbhb