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  1. tervman

    Which Harlequin Tusk does SWF sell?

    Can someone tell me if the Harlequin Tusk that SWF sells is from Australia or the Indian Ocean. The photo on the HT page looks like the Australian variety, but the Origin says Indian Ocean. Thanks.
  2. tervman

    Tank Overtaken with Algae

    I am at my wits in. I have a 3yo tank. It has two fish in it, and I am very careful about how much I feed them. I started using an RO filter, for my water, some time back. The tank gets no sunlight, and the lights are on only when I am home in the evening. Nevertheless, my LR, pumps, etc...
  3. tervman

    What is a Predator Reef Tank

    I have seen mention of keeping some of the more agressive fish in a "Predator Reef" tank, if you want a reef tank, and not just a FOWLR tank. I currently have a Huma-Huma Trigger, and may be adding a Harlequin Tusk in the coming months. However, I would like to get some corals also, if...
  4. tervman

    Will a Huma-Huma Trigger and Blue Hippo Tang Live Together?

    I have a Huma-Huma Trigger, Sailfin Tang, and Foxface, and would like to add a Blue Hippo Tang to the mix. However, I don't know if the Trigger would do anything to the Blue Hippo. The Trigger gets along just fine with the other fish. Can I add a Blue Hippo to this mix, without the worry of it...
  5. tervman

    Adding New Clown - Can It Be Different?

    I had two Percs, until one died unexpectedly a few weeks ago. The other fish in the tank are doing just fine. I would like to add another clown, but did not know how successful I would be, since I added both Percs about 2-1/2 years ago. Also, could I add another type of clown, besides another...
  6. tervman

    Tank & Light wanted - 29G or 37G - Atlanta, GA area

    I am looking for a nice tank and light to fit a stained wood stand I already own. The stand will hold a 30X12 tank, hence the search for either a 29G or a 37G. This will be for a FW set-up, so I don't need MH lights, etc. However, if you have a heater, pump, or filter, that would be great...
  7. tervman

    Warning - Fedex Refuses To Let Customers Sign For Fish Shipments

    I originally posted this note the day before Thanksgiving. I'm not certain why my original note was deleted, but this is something that the buying public needs to know, if they intend to purchase fish between now and Christmas. I do know FedEx's "Corporate Directive" will make me think twice...
  8. tervman

    What The Heck Is This????

    We appear to have some kind of starfish in our tank, that must have come from the LR or LS. It's as white as a ghost, very small, and has legs that look like dental floss. It stays in the sand bed. I did a search on the forum, and found a discussion on Asterina, but the pics I found of...
  9. tervman

    Hey Mods....what happened to Editing Privileges?

    I have noticed, over the last day or so, that my ability to edit a message, that I submitted, has been greatly constricted. I have found, on occasions, that something I submitted might make more sense if worded a different way. On those occasions, I have edited my entry, for clarity. Now...
  10. tervman

    Can Dead Live Rock Become Live Again?

    Just like the thread title it possible for live rock, that has died, to be brought back to life (no Pet Semetary jokes :D ). What would you have to do to bring it back to life?
  11. tervman

    Hamilton MH bulbs

    Is anyone currently using Hamilton 175W 14000K MH bulbs? If so, what do you think of them, and do you have any photos you can share. Thanks.
  12. tervman

    Show me your MH lighting!

    I want to purchase some replacement bulbs for a set of MH pendants I just hung over my 55G. The pendants are 175W, and came with 6500K blubs. I was thinking I would go for something in the 12-14000K range, as a balance between the yellow and blue. Also, I will not have any supplement...
  13. tervman

    How long would corals and anemone's live under regular fluorescent lighting

    How long would corals and anemone's live under regular fluorescent aquarium bulbs? I ask because the MH pendants I just hung are over 10 years old - they were given to me by a friend who broke down his tank in 1993. I am planning to get some corals, and an anemone, but I don't know how long...
  14. tervman

    Embarassing questions on Corals

    This is such an embarassing series of questions that I should be forced to put a bag over my head (or my hands) as I type them. The answers may be in this forum, but I have yet to be able to locate specific answers to my questions. So, I come, hat in hand, to the informed masses.... A little...
  15. tervman

    Metal Halides are up!

    Well, we FINALLY got around to hanging the two 175W MH pendants a friend gave us a few months ago. We are currently burning them about 4-5 hours a day, and will gradually increase that to 10-12 hours per day. We need to replace the 6500K bulbs that came with the lights (too yellow for our...
  16. tervman

    Painting Metal Halide Pendants

    I have a pair of MH pendants a friend gave me. My wife is hesitant to let me hang them, because of the color. Does anyone know if it is possible to paint the outside of the pendants? Can you recommend a type or brand of paint to use. Is it possible to put something like contact paper on the...
  17. tervman

    Wooden Stand/Canopy?

    Would love to know if anyone can suggest a good place to shop for a wooden stand and canopy for a 150-180G tank. Does anyone have any experience with the Glasscages stand/canopy? Or, do you have any sources for plans to build a stand and canopy? Thanks.
  18. tervman

    Anyone have any pics of Glasscages Stand/Canopy?

    What do you think about them? Can you post pics? Thanks!
  19. tervman

    Tangs/Large Angels in 6' Tanks – Does Capacity Matter?

    A question for those in the know.... As we all know, it is recommended that Tangs and Large Angels have large tanks for a permanent residence. However, I have read posts that say it is the LENGTH of the tank that matters, since these fish tend to swim side-to-side, not up-and-down. It has been...
  20. tervman

    Searching on a string of words

    Is there any way to do a multi-word search, for a particular string of words, in these forums? For example, if I enter "Bicolor Angel", both with and without the quotes, I get the same hits...those that have the word Bicolor, and those that have the word Angel. If I am interested in info on a...