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  1. jayc

    Post pics of your tangs!!

    Their have been some threads like this in the past, but lets make a new one. These are my favorite fish, so lets see your TANGS!!!!! -Josh
  2. jayc

    Sharing pics of my 125gal

    Been awhile since I posted any pics on here, so I thought I would post a few. Tank is a 125gal been setup about 3 months. first some really bright zoo's: More zoo's: Next blastomussa Wellsi: Galaxy coral: Some kinda favia brain coral: -Josh
  3. jayc

    Pics of the 125!!

    Just thought I would share some pics of my slowly growing 125gal. My camera SUCKS so bare with me. -Josh
  4. jayc

    Bored, pics of 125gal reef!!

    I havent posted any pics in a while so thought I would post some. About a month ago I upgraded from a 55gal to the 125gal. It went really well. My camera SUCKS so bare with me. Filling up the 125. The 125 once filled and put all from the 55...
  5. jayc

    Little giant pumps: good / bad

    I'm buying a used 125gal rr setup. It comes with a little giant external pump. Are these good pumps? All replies will be appreciated!! -Josh
  6. jayc

    125 gal tank wanted in NC

    Anyone with or around a 125gal tank for sale in NC please post here. I'm wanting one for a upgrade! -Josh
  7. jayc

    Help with 125gal setup!

    Hi, Josh here, I need some help, I'm hoping to soon upgrade from my little 55gal to a 125gal. The 125 will be drilled and will have a sump/ fuge under it. I have never had a sump before so I'm going to need lots of help. Here's my plans so far for the sump: -125gal aga (drilled w/ 2 overflows)...
  8. jayc

    Help!! my Bubble Anenome Disapeared!!

    I got a bubble anenome this past week end. Well it seemed to be doing fine, until Mon. morning It was no where to be seen. I looked all over my tank, behind the rocks, even under them. I cant find it anywhere. It was perty big about 4-5 in across. So can someone outthere help me figure out where...
  9. jayc

    New additions

    Havent posted many pics lately. So figured I would post and Christmas update lol. Friday I added 35lbs of BR. Its still kinda cloudy from adding the BR. Here it is before I added the br: Here it is after: Another random shot with my bird maggie: My sand sifter stair: My cleaner shrimp...
  10. jayc

    What salt brand do you use?

    Lets see what salt brand most reefers use. I know its really all the same stuff but I would like to know what most people use. So post what brand you prefer to use and why you prefer it over others. and lets see what most people use. Josh
  11. jayc

    Lets see some 75gal reef tanks!!

    Like the title says, post your 75gal reef tanks here!! I'm going to be upgrading to a 75 soon so wanted to get some idea's for equitment and rockwork. So if you have a 75 or close to 75 gallon tank please post away! If you can please post a list of the lights, pumps, filters, etc. you are using...
  12. jayc

    New Update!!

    I thought post some pics of my 55. Its really starting to come along. I've got a couple more fish I'm planning on adding and then its going to be coral time!! :cheer: first is a Full room shot. next is a Full tank shot next is my Foxface next is a close up of my foxface next is my...
  13. jayc


    Havent posted in awhile so I figured I would post a little update on my tank. My foxface Can u find my new fish? full tank shot I'll post some more later. Please let me know what u think. Josh
  14. jayc

    New pics of my tank!!

    I was bored today so I decided I would take some new pics. full tank shot side view my lights on under my stand (kinda messy lol) my new foxface and my gramma (thats not ich just something in the water) and lastly my royal gramma Thats all for now. Josh
  15. jayc


    Is this stuff good? My LFS said it was, and wanted to see what u guys and gals thought. Thanks in advance, Josh
  16. jayc

    Foxface Lo's

    I'm thinking about getting one of these for my aquarium. But I want to learn as much as I can about them first. So please post all you know about them. I have read alot about them already but want to know more. Thanks in advance, JayC
  17. jayc

    Let see some porcupine puffers

    I want to see some porcupine puffers. If you've got any pics of them post em here.
  18. jayc

    I just ordered my lights.

    I just ordered my lights for my standard 55gal aquarium. :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: I went with 4 110 wattt VHO's, (440watts total), (2) super actinic and (2) 10,000k whites. My question is what types of corals will I be able to keep with these lights? :notsure:
  19. jayc

    My 55gal

    Heres my 55gal, Its been setup and running for about 3 weeks. I added 35lbs of base rock today thats why its cloudy. 55gal AGA stand Going to build a canopy this weekend and install PC retro kit Excalibur HV-1 Protein skimmer magnum 350 canister filter 200 watt heater 35lbs of BR 20lbs or LR...
  20. jayc

    Getting 35lbs of base rock tommarrow

    I ordered 35lbs of base rock and its coming tommarrow. :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: Its for my 55gal that is cycling. I was wondering if theres anything that I need to do to it before I put it in my tank? :notsure: