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  1. erock412

    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    i hope this isnt against the rules. i apologize ahead of time if it is. a good friend of my family, uncle dan, has a friend who used to own a LFS. he got old, and closed the doors for good about 6 weeks ago. well, sad to say, the dude passed on new years eve. i guess him and his wife never...
  2. erock412

    erock's 125 build thread

    here's what's been done so far, i'll post pics later today: I had a 55g that was up and running for a year or so, but never had anything in it but a little bit of LR. I finally put in 2 clowns and then started posting on SWF. I realized that 55g wasnt going to be big enough for me, so i...
  3. erock412

    how do i post pics?

    do i just click and drag, or is there something special i have to do since i use a mac?
  4. erock412

    will tube worms die during the curing process?

    i saw a tube worm when i was scrubbing my LR off before it started curing, it was dead, but havent seen any more of them since i put the rock into its curing tank. i know that when there is one, there could be a bunch more. will they die if my spike is high enough? why are they bad anyways...
  5. erock412

    cycle questions

    i have 2 55's running right now, a fully cycled bare bottom tank with some LR and my livestock in it, and the other with a DSB and a bunch of LR cycling. I tested the water in the tank with the cycling LR and got these results: 1/6/09 pH 8.4 am 1.0 trite 0.5 trate 0 i did a pwc, 5 gal, and...
  6. erock412

    will 2 200 watt heaters heat a 125g?

    both heaters are in their own 55g's and heat them fine. i know the math, and the 125 is 15g more than 2 X 55 but with all the LR in place, i think they'd be okay? for the time being, probably for another month or 2, they'll be running in-tank, but once i get a sump/refugium together, they'll...
  7. erock412

    coral noob

    i want to start a reef tank, but have a while to go before i add any corals. i need to get better lighting before i start, for sure. i've been trying to do as much research on corals before i get started on them but for the life of me, i cant figure out what the difference is between lps, sps...
  8. erock412

    coralife super skimmer

    are these good skimmers?
  9. erock412

    really stupid question, i'm sure

    what is a 50/50 bulb and can they be put in a standard florescent fixture? what bulbs do you need to grow coraline algae?
  10. erock412

    should i panic?

    i got a free blue hippo tang today but it went through a lot on its journey. the person that gave it to me had it in a bucket, and it was in the bucket for a long car ride ~ 3hrs and i think it was in the bucket for a few hrs before the ride. when i got it home, it was listless, but after...
  11. erock412

    125 stocklist

    i have a 55 right now w/ 2 false percs, but tommorrow i'm getting a 125 and want to know if this is acceptible: 1 yellow tang 1 naso or blue hippo 1 mandarin goby 3 pj cardinals
  12. erock412

    Lobster tank???

    I was thinking earlier today as i was grocery shopping about how much i hate passing the lobsters in the seafood section. if i could just save ONE lobster from it's inevitable boiling death, i think that would be enough for me. how hard do you think it would be to keep a lobster from a grocery...
  13. erock412

    types of filtration?

    all of my levels are cool, as i am running a very light bioload on my tank. however, i am in the process of moving a 55g to a 125g. my 55g DT has been running for over a year, and i have an extra 55 that i'm using to clean/ seed all the sand i have. being that i'm about to get into this hobby...
  14. erock412

    how many friends should i call

    I'm picking up a 125 today and i'm wondering how much it's going to weigh empty. I just want to figure out how many friend-cards i'm going to have to pull to get this in the house, as well as how much pizza and beer i'll be picking up
  15. erock412

    coral noob questions

    I am in the process of moving my 55g to a 125g. hopefully everything will be transferred tomorrow or tuesday. the whole reason for the upgrade is that i want a real bad reef. however, i still have some work to do until i am ready and comfortable with keeping many corals. i dont currently...
  16. erock412

    non photosynthetic corals?

    i'm starting a 125 reef, but i have a lot of equipment to buy before i'll feel comfortable or even ready to start buying corals. are there corals that don't rely on light that i could get for my tank to add some color until i get some metal halides?
  17. erock412

    sand cloud

    how long should i wait for the sand cloud in a new tank to go away before considering the possibility of bad sand? (120 lbs of sand).
  18. erock412

    my clowns wont eat

    i'm transferring tanks from a 55 to a 125 on monday, and i put my only fish (2 false percs) and all my LR into a bare bottom 55 with all the water from my 55 DT, so i could stir up the existing sand bed. Now that they are in the bare bottom, and have been for about 19 hrs, they wont eat. the...
  19. erock412

    rinsing sand...?

    as some of you may know, im moving my 55 to a 125 on monday. ive been told not to move the sand, as it harbors trates, trites, and ammonia, and when it is disturbed, these are re-released into the water. i was going to empty my tank of fish, and the few crabs i have, as well as the LR and...
  20. erock412

    Upgrade to 125 question

    If I take some LR out of my current 55g DT, and put it (and some new sand) in an extra 55 i have laying around would that start a cycle? Would I still have to add the cocktail shrimp? The reason I ask is b/c I am picking up a 125 next monday (which the lfs is selling for $1/gal!!) and I'd like...