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  1. duke jjz

    75 Gallon setup in SI, NY

    Well after years in the hobby, sad to say the tank must go... Everything is for sale in Staten Island, NY 75 Gallon Tank with stand and canopy Standard Light hood Eheim Wet/Dry 2227 Aqua C Remora Pro skimmer w/ Mag 3 pump Fluval 304 canister filter PhosBan Reactor 150 200W Jager 15" heater...
  2. duke jjz

    RowaPhos and Algae

    I have had an issue with Green Algae (looks like bryopsis) over the last few months. This past weekend, I took all the live rock out, pulled off the algae in another bucket and brushed the rock with a soft toothbrush. So now the rock looks nice and clean. I also just started running a phosphate...
  3. duke jjz

    3 Triggers?

    Is it possible to have 3 triggers in one tank? A Clown, a picasso and a sargassum? Would they go nuts on each other? I currently have the picasso and sargassum, thinking of adding a clown.. Thoughts?
  4. duke jjz

    Question for yas

    Could Triggers an Eels get ich??
  5. duke jjz

    How long after an ich outbreak?

    How long after an ich outbreak that I am able to start to add new fish? One month?
  6. duke jjz

    Stocking - What to add??

    I have a 75 FOWLR with a V. Lion, Harlequin tusk, Cuban Hog and a Picasso Trigger.. Im looking to get one fish. Any suggestions?? :notsure:
  7. duke jjz

    Ehiem 2227/2229 Wet/Dry and Ehfisubstrat

    Ehiem 2227/2229 Wet/Dry owners - how often do you change your Ehfisubstrat??!!
  8. duke jjz

    Snowflake eel growth

    How quickly does a SFE grow (and to what size)? :thinking:
  9. duke jjz

    75 Stocking question

    Question... can I get another fish in my 75 gallon? I currently have: V. Lion Humu Humu Trigger Cuban Hog Harlequin Tusk Yellow Tang Snowflake Eel (Pics Here I was thinking of something small... any suggestions if any? Thanks!
  10. duke jjz

    Pics of my FOWLR

    Wha do u think?
  11. duke jjz

    Mixing Triggers

    Can I add a Clown Trigger with my Picasso? Will they fight? I am thinking of adding another trigger to my tank and would love to get a Clown. The other inhabitants are a V. Lion, Yellow Tang, Cuban Hogfish, a small snowflake eel, CC Star and a pencil urchin Thanks
  12. duke jjz

    Setting up a nano from a 75 fowlr

    I am thinking of setting up a little 5 gallon nano. I already have an established 75 FOWLR. Could i use some LS, piece of the LR and 5 gallons from a water change and use that to set up the nano? Or should I cycle the tank with fresh saltwater?? :thinking:
  13. duke jjz

    Cloudy Water?

    My water seems to be cloudy of late. I recently added a canister filter to run carbon in addition to my Ehiem Wet/Dry. However, it is worth noting that I got a Picasso Trigger on Sunday who loves to play with the sand. Has anyone notice their water get cloudy after adding a trigger? Did it clear...
  14. duke jjz

    Upgrading tank question

    I currently have a 75 gallon FOWLR tank. If I ever wanted to upgrade to , lets say a 150, could I just transfer everything into the new tank and then top off with new saltwater? Would that cause another cycle?
  15. duke jjz

    Snowflake Eel and feeding

    I have a 8" Snowflake Eel that always hangs out in the back of the tank. He hides during the day and at night I can see him pop out, but still stays behind the LR. My problem is that I can get back there to feed him. Any ideas?? :thinking:
  16. duke jjz

    Ehiem 2227 and carbon?

    Can I put a bag or 2 of carbon in my Ehiem 2227?? Has anyone done this?
  17. duke jjz

    Panther Grouper color

    My panther grouper is almost always a brownish-blackish color. The only time he gets white is when i feed him (right before he strikes). Any ideas? Is he always scared?!
  18. duke jjz

    Duster Pics

    Does anyone have a picture of a feather duster WITHOUT his tube??
  19. duke jjz

    Panther Grouper

    Will a panther grouper eat turbo snails and hermit crabs?
  20. duke jjz

    SG at 1.025?

    Is maintaining a specific gravity of 1.025 in a FOWLR tank OK? :confused: