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  1. barry cuda

    Big bristleworm, small tank

    Hi, everybody...been gone for a while. I got out of the hobby for a couple years but I've decided to play around a bit with a small tank in my office. I was working on my 2.5-gal pico setup yesterday and noticed I've got a really big bristleworm in there - about 5" long by 1/4" thick. What do...
  2. barry cuda

    Sanity check: maroon clown biology

    Just need a quick sanity check here...someone in my local club is trying to tell me that a female maroon can switch back to male if she loses a dominance struggle with another female. It's always been my firm understanding that once a clown (of any species) becomes female, she stays that way...
  3. barry cuda

    Low alk & hammer not opening

    One head on my branching hammer is only opening across about half the polyp - the rest is completely hidden within the folds of the head. There are four heads, and the others all look fine. I'm wondering if low alkalinity (6dKH) could be to blame? I'd brought the alk up to 8 before adding...
  4. barry cuda

    Phosphates affecting alkalinity?

    I don't have a phosphate kit, but I'm sure my phosphates are high because I've been battling cyanobacteria for weeks, and nitrates are fairly low (under 10). Currently considering a PhosBan reactor... will also start dripping kalk into the skimmer once I have my alk stabilized. Saw on an old...
  5. barry cuda

    Closed loop over back of tank?

    I'd like to add a closed loop to my 100g, probably with a SCWD and two returns to get some variation in the flow. Problem is, the tank isn't drilled. Is it feasible to do this by plumbing over the back of the tank? That adds a lot of bends to the required plumbing.
  6. barry cuda

    Foxface respiration rate?

    Not finding any answers through searching, so I'll put the question out there. My newish (about 2.5 weeks) foxface has been breathing faster than everybody else ever since I got it. Its behavior is what I'd call normal (a little skittish but not overly much more at ease than it was in...
  7. barry cuda

    Urgent: Peppermints attacking new anemone

    I just put a flower anemone in the 100g tank's my first anemone and I didn't expect what happened next. Literally as soon as it was in the tank, before I even had it settled on a rock shelf, my three peppermint shrimp were all over it. They keep picking at its tentacle area, even...
  8. barry cuda

    RBTA care

    Having upgraded to MH lighting in our 100g, I'm considering trying to keep a RBTA. I'd like to get a better lock on their care requirements before I risk an animals' health, however. What specifically are the crucial water parameters for anemones? Nitrates in this tank tend to hover around 15...
  9. barry cuda

    Any bad experiences with Flatworm Exit?

    I just discovered we've got a red flatworm infestation in our display tank. I'm weighing natural control (wrasses or nudis) vs. chemical warfare and not sure yet how I'm going to go about it. So I've got a question. Has anyone here had a bad experience with Flatworm Exit? Most of my...
  10. barry cuda

    Peppermint & cleaner together

    My wife's nanocube has an aiptasia that needs to be dealt with...she's considering transferring one of the peppermints from our family-room tank to her cube in case there are any others she can't see. She already has a nice-sized scarlet cleaner in there, and I think I've read here before that...
  11. barry cuda

    Help! Foxface dying

    I've had a 4" foxface in the 100g display for about a month now. He seemed fine until this morning...I found him stuck against the teeth on the internal overflow box. Obviously, this isn't a really huge current, so I assume he's very weak if he was stuck there. I gently pushed him off the box...
  12. barry cuda

    HUGE cyano outbreak

    I've been battling hair algae and mild cyano for several weeks in the 100g now...I came home from a business trip today and the cyano was just out of control. It was like somebody had wrapped a bunch of the rocks in red mylar. I assume the hair/cyano is the result of overfeeding and possibly...
  13. barry cuda

    Foxface stuck against rock

    My foxface managed to get himself pinned against a rock by the return output this morning. I don't think he was stuck there more than about five minutes before we spotted him and turned off the return. He's swimming fine and eating, but has a few marks on the side that was against the rock...
  14. barry cuda

    Argh! Away on business & clown might be sick

    Just venting...The wife is telling me on the phone that my male ocellaris is looking bloated & having trouble staying down in the water column...of course I'm 900 miles from home on a business trip and won't be home to look at him myself until tomorrow afternoon. She knows clowns better than I...
  15. barry cuda

    How can I tell if zoanthids are dead?

    I've got one rock with a couple different colors of zoanthids in my 100g, and the polyps have remained closed for over 10 days now. How would I tell if these were dead instead of merely reacting to something wrong in the tank? The common mat is still attached to the rock and looks intact, and...
  16. barry cuda

    Ammo spike & dying (?) emerald crab

    I added about a 3.5" foxface to the 100g tank on Friday, and now I'm measuring about .25 ppm of ammonia. This tank has over 100 lbs of live/base rock in it and has been up since April. Only other fish in the tank are two very small Banggais, plus there are a few hermits, 20 or so turbos, and a...
  17. barry cuda

    Tuesday 2-pack

    Just thought I'd post a couple of the first pics from our tank...nothing real spectacular yet, but we're having fun. #1 - Emerald chowin' down
  18. barry cuda

    Ammonia in the mixing bucket!

    On a hunch, I tested the water in my saltwater mixing bucket this afternoon, and found an ammonia reading of .25! It's clear some organic material has found its way into the bucket and started to decay. I've got about 20 gallons of saltwater in there that now have to be thrown out, and I'll...
  19. barry cuda

    Short white threads in fuge?

    I noticed something odd during a water change the other day. When I shut the return pump off, I was able to see hundreds of short, white threadlike objects floating in the water. I can't really see them when the pump is running because they're in motion. They're about 1/4" long and very thin...
  20. barry cuda

    Raising pH

    The pH in my 100g display and my nano-cube are both holding right at 7.8, and have been since I've had them. I'm concerned this is lower than I'd like, especially since I have a couple LPS in the cube. My makeup water tends to be at 8.2 if I aerate the R/O output for 24 hours before mixing...