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  1. fishtanker

    Changed MH bulb....question?

    Yesterday i changed out my Iwasaki for an XM. I screwed in the new bulb and all it does is keep flickering like its trying to fire and when it eventually does it goes out a minute later. I called the online depot i bought it from and they said thats common when buring in new bulbs and it takes...
  2. fishtanker

    Romaine Lettuce is good

    I always thought that Romaine Lettuce had its place in Marine Fish diets and i read an article the other day that reinforces it. Romaine lettuce is a great source of Lienoic Acid which is an Omega 3 Fatty acid that is needed for proper health of fish and animals. Lienoic Acid is devoid in...
  3. fishtanker

    My XXX rated tank

    Over the past few weeks my reef has become a "kingdom of love". I've witnessed my Pincushion urchin spawn, a keyhole limpet, my peppermint shrimp (they've been spawing for months now), my GSM clowns, and finally last night my emerald crab released a bunch of larvae into the column. I must be...
  4. fishtanker

    Acclimating Mollies to SW

    I am going to be putting about 5-7 Black Lyretail Mollies in my 125gal reef and want to know how long should the acclimation time be to get them to saltwater levels. I was thinking about 2days but am wondering if it can be done quicker than that? Thanks Brian
  5. fishtanker

    How exectly does this work?

    I've read in a few different places that dripping Kalk will help to reduce PO4. How does that work? I started dripping Kalk 24/7 a month or so ago directly into the skimmer and noticed that i'm getting a lot more foam production in the cup. is that from PO4 export?
  6. fishtanker

    20 pack (beware dial up)

    here's 20, i think, of the reef
  7. fishtanker

    Elkhorn Monti Frags FS/FT

    I have about 6-7 frags of Elkhorn (virous sizes) to trade or sell. I really only want local pickup. I live in NY capital district (albany). Brian
  8. fishtanker

    Birds nest lighing acclimation

    i picked up a Birds Nest frag at my lfs yesterday and want to know the best way to acclimate it too my lighting. in the lfs it was about 10" directly under 250wt 10k's and my lighting is 400wt 6.5k. right now its in a shady spot in the bottom corner of my tank. i want to eventually put it about...
  9. fishtanker

    Some Macro Shots

    here of some shots of the reef in macro....the camera is pretty old but works i guess :)
  10. fishtanker

    Led Zepplin

    Any Zepplin fans out there? I've listened to them since high school...i had all their albums on cassette back in the 80's. now i just burn them. i like all their songs but my fav's are ramble on (gotta love the lord of the rings references) immigrant song black dog misty mountain top a bunch of...
  11. fishtanker

    $50 Skimmer

    here's the skimmer a friend and i built for my 110gal. its a 6ft CC with a maxi jet 1200 for the pump. only cost $50 for parts plus the air pump.
  12. fishtanker

    How big are your fish?

    i'm curious to know how big everyone's fish are copmpared to the documented max size? my 3year old hippo tang is 7" my 2 1/2 year old yellow boxfish is 7" my 2 1/2 year old achilles tang is 5" my year old LN butterfly is 5" my fish (aside from the butterfly) are no where near their max size...
  13. fishtanker

    MH bulb choice

    I need a new 400wt MH bulb and would some opinions on which bulb. I want to stick with 10k's and the only choices i have that my ballast will run are XM's and Coralife. What are your opinions on these two bulbs? Is one better than the other? My supplements are 1 96wt PC actinic and 1 96wt PC...
  14. fishtanker

    feather duster placement

    just wondering where other people place their feather dusters in regards to water flow? low, med, high?
  15. fishtanker

    Some New Corals

    Just added some new corals that i got from some members of my reef club enjoy :)
  16. fishtanker

    Bare Bottom Tanks

    i was wondering who out there goes Bare Bottom on their tank? what are your opinions on it? has it helped to keep waste in suspension. i sucked out about 80% of my southdown this weekend so that i could direct powerheads on the bottom to keep the fish waste ( ihave a lot of it) in the current...
  17. fishtanker

    new DIY hood

    here's my new DIY canopy for the 125gal. a friend of mine had some oak leftover from his stand so we built this for my 400wt MH and 2x96wt pc's. its suspended from brackets on the wall.
  18. fishtanker

    some pics

    here's some oddball pics i was taking today some are taken over the surface
  19. fishtanker

    How can this be? Beth or Terry i need help

    i just finished hypo'ing my tank for ich. the salinity (not SG) was at 12-13ppt for a period of 5 weeks. i checked the salinity daily and made sure the refractometer was calibrated properly. i removed my inverts (3 urchins and a few snails) out of the display for the entire hypo treatment and...
  20. fishtanker

    New Aquascape

    I just changed the aquascape in my 125gal to supplement my new 400watt MH. i put the light over the center opening of the tank and then stacked all my LR under it. i think i should be able to get a couple SPS on the very top of the rock and put some lower light corals on the sides and bottom...