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  1. gilbert

    kole tang sick???

    Hi, everybody. My dad got a kole tang a couple of weeks ago. He's always been kind of shy, but lately he's been really pale (according to my dad), and I just looked at him, and it looks like his front fins have pieces missing from it. Also, I just saw his yellow coris wrasse picking at his...
  2. gilbert

    staghorn and elkhorn corals

    I was reading the IUCN Red List yesterday and acropora cervicornis and a. palmata are both listed as critically endangered... It's just sad that a few years ago they were so common just a few years ago and now they're almost gone...
  3. gilbert

    Scooter Blenny dying

    I think my scooter blenny is dying. He is less responsive to touch and sight than normal, only moving if something actually hits him, and then only in small bursts of maybe an inch. He won't eat frozen food, which I thought he had been eating up to this point. He looks really thin... Is there...
  4. gilbert

    Torch Coral Sweeper Question

    I got my torch about a month ago. In that whole time, I have never once seen any hint or sign of sweeper tentacles. Is that normal? I have a xenia and an anthelia colony that are both basically touching it, and still nothing. Also, when I feed it, the food adheres to the tentacles, but I don't...
  5. gilbert

    Low-light clam?

    Hey, are there any Tridacna clams that don't need really high light? I have power compacts and I know that Squamosas don't need the same lights as maximas. If I put one in the upper portion of my tank, would it work?
  6. gilbert

    Aggressive reef

    Would it be possible to have a reef tank with aggressive fish, like lionfish? Minus the decorative shrimp.
  7. gilbert


    What exactly are phosphate and calcium reactors? I hear about them all the time, but I don't know what they are.
  8. gilbert

    sick clown?

    Is it normal for clownfish to have their mouths open like they're breathing hard and violently shaking their body every couple minutes?
  9. gilbert


    What does Hqi mean in a metal halide? Is it better to have hqi bulbs or not? Will sps and clams do better with hqi? I'm looking into the biocube 29g hqi and I don't understand the difference. Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. gilbert

    green star polyps

    I have a small colony of GSP that I purchased about three weeks ago. It was doing great until 2 days ago, when it closed up completely. None of its polyps have appeared since then. My parameters are: ammonia:0ppm nitrite:0ppm nitrate:10ppm temp:80 degrees F Ph:8.3 specific gravity:1.023 Also...
  11. gilbert


    I had a ton of copepods on the glass of my 8 gallon nano a few weeks ago, but now I can't find any. Today i read that bristleworms will eat microcrustaceans. Does this include copepods? In my tank I have an extreme misbar clownfish, a pulsing xenia, a colt coral, a small green star polyp...
  12. gilbert

    new 8 gallon tank!

    Hi! I just got an 8 gallon nano tank and was wondering what I should stock it with. Any suggestions?
  13. gilbert

    sps in a nano

    Ok, I know this sounds really novice, but I got a new 8 gallon nano tank and I was wondering if I could put a monti cap in it. I have a 24-watt compact flourescent light, and have heard mixed replies from other places. Any help??