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  1. stupid_naso

    .75 gal pic?

    Hey guys, Just wondering, I'm interested in buying a .75 gal nano from *****. They have it on sale for $20. The reason why I wanna do this is that my friend is selling her 125 gal and she has all my corals in it and I wanna keep some of them. From what I found the setup comes with a 7 watts...
  2. stupid_naso

    RBTA: Not so bubbly. Why?

    This has always been my experience with RBTA and BTAs, they are not bubbly anymore or not bubbly at all after awhile. Anyone knows the reason for this? I mean scientifically maybe? What can be done to get the bubble back? stupid_naso
  3. stupid_naso

    Tank appraissal

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling my whole nano system. My friend has to move and she cannot keep my tank for me. So I gotta sell it. Don't want to, but right now that's the only option I got. How much do you think I should sell it for so people will buy it? Here's the info on the tank. I'm...
  4. stupid_naso

    Just got them today...

    The pictures that is, my friend is kind enough to take care of my tank and takes lots of pics of it and send them to me. First is my frogspawn.
  5. stupid_naso

    Bye tank...

    Well, as some of you might know I'm moving to Northern California in less than a week. For the past couple of days I've been facing some problems with my tank: clownfish beating each other up, ammonia rose to 4 ppm (hope this is the right unit). I had to move all my corals to my friend's tank...
  6. stupid_naso

    Ammonia 4.0: URGENT!

    My tank is more than a year old and have never had any problems with ammonia before. A couple of months ago my water was perfect, even nitrate is 0. Suddenly two days ago my corals started closing up. So I checked my water and ammonia is 4.0. I cannot seem to find out what the cause is. I have...
  7. stupid_naso

    Clownfish: how long should I wait?

    OK, I'm trying to pair these two clownfish. What ended up happening is the bigger/ older clown ended up bullying the smaller, recently-bought one (big surprise :mad: ). Well I thought everything was going the way it's supposed to go. But now the baby clown's back dorsal fin (I hope this is the...
  8. stupid_naso

    I found DT!

    Just want to share with everybody that today I finally found DT. It turns out that my LFS has been carrying it for awhile. Stupid me for not asking :D . We'll see how the corals like it. Oh I also got a frag of frogspawn too. Me= happy :D :D :D stupid_naso
  9. stupid_naso

    I Found It!!!

    About a month ago, I bought 2 juvenile, about 1 in, false perculas (tank-raised). One of them died of starvation, but the other one survived. I let him be for a month. About two weeks ago, I felt sorry for the little guy and decided that I want to get him a friend. However, people in this board...
  10. stupid_naso

    Attn: Old Yeller Tang

    I was just wondering where in SoCal are you? From the picture on your website it looks like you're somewhere in Irvine. Anyway, I just want to know where you get your stuff from. You replied the clown goby post and said that you got them from a whole seller. I've been trying to find a new LFS...
  11. stupid_naso

    Clarification on torch coral

    I have read different articles about this coral. Some say they like moderate lighting, some say they should be put in the midway up section of the tank. I have a ten gal with 50/50 JBJ 18W and 15W Coralife 10,000K Bulb. Also about the current, some say they don't like current at all. Some say...
  12. stupid_naso

    Adding a 2nd clown: URGENT!

    OK guys, I have a very small (about 2 inches max) ocellaris clown in my tank (Yes, one of them survived!!!!). Originally there was two of them, but one of them died. Anyway, this clown has been in my tank for about a month. Question is, if I add a 2nd clown that's bigger than he/ she is will it...
  13. stupid_naso

    Reef supplements: what to buy for a friend?

    Well guys, my friend's birthday is coming up. She just started adding corals to her tank and she is interested in dosing supplements to her tank. So what are the most beneficial supplements I should get for her? My friend and I are planning to get her a set of beneficial supplements. I was...
  14. stupid_naso

    Moving mushrooms

    I have a rock full of mushrooms, and it has gotten too big for my 10 gal tank. Now, my friend is interested in buying it. However, I want to leave at least one in my tank. Question is, how do I take one off the rock? Should I just remove it by pulling it out? Will this kill the mushroom? How do...
  15. stupid_naso

    Beth & Terry: 3rd try- still no good

    Dear Beth and Terry, This is my third try with a pair of false percs. The first two died of Brookynella. The first one I was clueless as to what was going on. The second pair I found out that formalin is the best way to cure this disease. Well I went to three different LFS and none of them have...
  16. stupid_naso

    Hospital tank in Orange County???

    Hey guys, I was wondering wheter any of you live in Orange County and has a hospital tank, and you have cured fish in the past. I'm asking because I don't have the time to attend a hospital tank. Last time I tried, it ended up making my fish even worse. So, if any of you have one, has experience...
  17. stupid_naso

    MELAFIX in Reef: Yes or No?

    Guys I just need a quick poll here. Yes or no on Melafix in a reef. Will they damage corals or will they only stress them out a bit? stupid_naso
  18. stupid_naso

    Hyper-clowns: HELP!

    OK, this is my third try with false perculas. The earlier two pairs died of Brooknella. This time I bought tank raised perculas, which are supposed to be hardier. They went into my tank last night, both were breathing rather heavily and stayed still in the corner. Since this behavior is...
  19. stupid_naso

    Opinion needed

    Mixing clownfish. I understand that this matter has been brought up a lot. I have read several of earlier posts and there were mixed opinions. Here's my plan. Again, it's a PLAN. I do want your opinion on this. Please provide your reasons. Not just, I-heard-it's-a-no-no type of reason. I...
  20. stupid_naso

    Moving babies

    I have no experience if fragging or moving corals. I have a mushroom rock that's being overloaded by mushrooms. I need to do something about it. Those of you who are more experienced than I am in this matter, could you please explain to me as detailed as possible the safest way to relocate these...