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  1. russianspy

    Oppinions and Suggestions Please

    Nice tank & Cleaner Shrimp. Is that 55gal?
  2. russianspy

    overflow question

    I had a similar question. Where can I buy those half round overflow strainers?
  3. russianspy

    need a fish ID plz

    My LFS had those, They called it a Nano Goby. Ii'm not sure on scientific names though
  4. russianspy

    time for more top downs!

    That clams a beaut! Those SPS got some good color too. Looks great
  5. russianspy

    (First Reef Tank Ever) **** 600gal Display **** 1300gal System

    Holy Crap! I don't know what to say, a lot of the plumbing is over my head so I'm just going to say great Aquascaping.
  6. russianspy

    Clown Pair Question?

    Originally Posted by Scotts My clowns even went so far as to have a trial separation. One swam at one side of the tank for a month and the other swam at the other side. Eventually they met with the wise old hermit crab who helped them work out their differences and they are now a happy always...
  7. russianspy

    Looking to add coral.. can I ??????

    Originally Posted by saltfish123 but according to you min rule iam okay ( correct me if iam wrong) 96watts x 4 lights is 384watts and 125 x 3 is 375 so i should be ok ?????? I'm sorry, I thought you had 2 x 96w lights. You have enough light maybe for a LPS and enough for shrooms. But i'd worry...
  8. russianspy

    Looking to add coral.. can I ??????

    No, 96w won't cut it for a 125. I have the same size tank and 72' VHO's, but mine put out 160w each. As far as the lighting for corals go it's a no. You might be able to update by just buying new VHO's but you'll have to check if your fixture can accept higher wattages You'd want a minimum of 3...
  9. russianspy

    Few new pics...

    Looks great I hope that ric takes off, I'm a ricordea fan. Only the hippo tang, I guess your not a fish person
  10. russianspy

    The Secret To Making Peppermint Shrimp Eat Your Aptasia...

    Originally Posted by Mombostic How can you not feed them when you are feeding the fish? Mine come right out and grab the stuff that's going in for my fish. Little piggies, they are. Mine didn't eat fish food, It fed on my anemone (Killed it). I later gave the Peppermint Shrimp away I have a...
  11. russianspy

    Calcium Methods

    Has anyone ever used Liquid Reactor? What to you use in your tank? Kalkwasser, Liquid Calcium, or a Calcium Reactor. I'd like to know what people think works better and experience with any to compare. Plus if you mix your own and use additives (ex. Iron, Madnesium, Strontium, Iodide). And if you...
  12. russianspy

    SPS (Monti) Growth Shots

    The orange caps look great!
  13. russianspy

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    WoW, It took forever to go through all those posts. The tank looks really nice. I hope all goes well I only have one question...are any of your frags taking off nicely and growing rapidly?
  14. russianspy

    For Rock Watchers Anonymous

    I like that starfish. I had one of those in my tank. It disappeared though, So I can't give you any info. I really like the aquascaping too. All those base rocks make really nice overhangs, and will also be good places to rest corals. (I'm guessing you want a reef tank). Your tank looks kinda...
  15. russianspy

    Hamilton 250 HQI 10,000K

    I normaly run Ushio 250 HQI Metal Halides 10,000k I bought new bulbs because the old bulbs were starting to cause cyano growth and started to shift spectrum When I ordered a new bulb I thought I ordered a Ushio but recieved a Hamilton 10,000k When I installed the bulb it started up a yellow...
  16. russianspy

    i want one of these!

    That's exspensive, My LFS sold them for around $50 each...still not cheap 2 pairs of clowns in a 10 gallon would make them fight.
  17. russianspy

    What did your tank get for Christmas???

    Double Ended HQI Metal Halide...Now both sides of my tanks are lite!!!!
  18. russianspy

    Feather Duster doin something weird!

    That's how feather dusters breed, they shoot sperm and eggs into the water when the detect another feather duster, you may be lucky enough to have a whole tank full of them....if they're not eaten by fish.
  19. russianspy

    How do I get rid of these HELP!

    Aspesia (sp) You can google that... Are they a brownish color? If so then the best way is to prune, rarley does that work so I just had to keep pruning and curing the LR if they're isn't any coral on it. Otherwise you might be able to find a Aspesia eating nudibranch.