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  1. *bta*

    Majano Anemones

    Does anyone have any info on them that they could share with me? Fisrt I bet you think Im crazy right? well I think majano anems are soo cool, Ive been looking for some to put in my tank, i even have and area for them, but i havent found any or much info on them. TIA
  2. *bta*

    Pajama Cardinals

    Can they be kept in groups or only in pairs, because i have heard both ways, also i have had one for three days and I cannot get it to eat, it hides during the day and only comes out at night TIA
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    Ive had an LTA for 2days now and i have noticed it has shriveled up and lipped itself around. I mean that the tentacles are facing the substrate and the base is in the air, i havent read or heard of this, is it a bad sign?
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    Would Like some opinions

    Ok well i have a 55gal reef that is sitting pretty empty, i have a colt, green yumas, gsp, red zoos, and pom pom Xenia that will be in my fuge when its up...the thing i would like peoples opinion on is what kind of tank to do, there are soo many options, and i love them all, so i would like some...
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    while on a trip to the beach(still there) i went to a fish store to find Xenia, Xenia is hard to come by where i live, not to mention it is a great healthy piece, i believe its pulsing, the guy at the store called it closed xenia because the flowers opened and closed, im pretty sure its...
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    I have a 55gal with 4 55watt lights 2 antic and 2 white 10,000k if i place the hammer closer to the top can i keep one, how bout a torch coral?
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    Most Beautiful LTA!

    omg i was at the LFS that has nothing good ever, and in the LTA tank there was a like neon green LTA with yellow/white tips, i almost bought it except it was $50 and didnt want to spend that much where i could get it someplace else, but non the less it was beautiful
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    Bangaii Cardinals

    I was thinking about putting some Bangaii in my tank if i only had, a tomato and perc clown how many Bangaii could i have?
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    How Long?

    Before i get a response from, I sent my letter with all of my dead specimens i ordered from them about a week ago and still havent gotten a response, my question is how long will it take to get one?
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    Deciding on a new Coral

    Ok I will be getting a new coral soon and i have it down to two choices that i want Kenya Tree orr a Colt in your opinion which one would you recomend the most? btw i have researched them both already
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    Im collectiong Ricodeas around where i live they dont have much i have deep green Ricordea Yuma, not trading quite yet but id like to see who all has ricordeas and what colors
  12. *bta*

    Noo! has left a bad impression on me, a ead hermit on arrival, short one peppermint shrimp, and now one of my two clowns is having a problem it looks like hes going to die, i acclimated everything for 4 hours and everything is good except for one snail maybe dead and now my one clown -_-
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    I got my first order today!

    Well so far so good there was only two porblems i had with my order my scarlet hermit was dead, it was in pieces it wasnt a molt its head was in the shell and when it didnt move for 5 hours i touched it to see and nothing happened the other was i was short one peppermint shrimp, i had ordered a...
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    Sun Coral pictures

    Can someone post me pictures of the Orange and Black sun coral with the polyps out, i was thinking about buying sun coral because they do depend on lights but i cant decide on the two i like the orange but ive never seen a picture with the black one having its polyps out
  15. *bta*

    Metal Halides!

    ok i have a 55gal currently with 4 55watt flourescent 10,000 white and anctics anyway i would like to get metal halides so i could get more kinds of coral, i was told to buy a retrofit thingy, what is that? about how much overall wold it cost to get metal halides, i was thinking maybe either 2...
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    Hi I have about 4-5 inches of crushed coral for a sand bed, would that be enough for a jawfish?
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    Serpent and Emerald

    I just ordered at and i have a serpent star already, my question is i ordered some peppermint shrimp and emerald crabs, i was wondering will my serpent try to eat them? i only ask because when i first got my serpent it had found a hitch hiker porcelain crab and dismantled and ate it -_-
  18. *bta*

    Brown Diatom outbreak!

    What do you recommend to get rid of it, im looking at a reef package i have a 55gal only a few hermits and snails and a serpent star, but in the reef packages i do not want coral banded shrimp or blue legged hermits, is there any way i can take those items off the packages and replace them or...
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    LFS in Wilmington Area

    anyone around that area know of a good LFS? i go to a great one already but i was wondering is there any good ones out there
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    Pairing My Tomato

    I have a tomoato clown after the white stripe that part is almost all black is that a sign that it is almost fully mature? also is it possible to pair it up with another? if so do i add a smaller one or a larger one? im guessing a smaller one right?