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  1. oceanlover

    What does Marine Velvet Look Like?

    Thanks for the advice Bioneck47. I'll call my friend and urge her to get some pictures, water tests, and start taking action. Can anyone post a picture of a fish with velvet?
  2. oceanlover

    What does Marine Velvet Look Like?

    I looked at the pictures in the illness stickie but didn't see any pictures of marine ick. What does it look like? What is it (a parasite, bacteria, etc.)? And what can you do about it? One of my friends in another state has a blue reef chromis. She says it has a white film on it, solid...
  3. oceanlover

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    Oh Man Oh Man is that one sweet beauty! It's ENORMOUS! How in the heck are you going to move it? Do you know how much it weighs?
  4. oceanlover

    pics i took today!

    As always, an astonishingly beautiful tank. Your water looks pristine. What skimmer are you using?
  5. oceanlover

    killer foxface

    Ow, that was painful for you to watch. Sorry for your loss of the two fish. Would it be time for the huma to go to another more aggressive tank?
  6. oceanlover

    Check this out, found a tip for majano!!!

    That's a great idea! The pictures are nice and sharp. Then you can get the intact majano out!
  7. oceanlover

    Challenge of the day - Identify this please...

    Cranberry really knows the hitchhikers and such. I would trust her answer. She said it as a definite answer. She didn't say "it might be."
  8. oceanlover

    Choose one fish.......

    Originally Posted by Life~Reefer I am officially adding no jumpers to the LIST! As I would like the open top. I see you are considering a Midas Blenny and they are my favorite fish of all time. Their color is beautiful, they are active so you can see them, they eat whatever you feed them, they...
  9. oceanlover

    Well I knew it was possible

    I have had my Mystery Wrasse for over a year and he hasn't bothered anything. He gets in line morning and night to be cleaned by the cleaner shrimp. If my memory serves me, I had the cleaner shrimp BEFORE I had a wrasse so the wrasse never knew the shrimp as food. I guess its the luck of the...
  10. oceanlover

    Worm in my Overflow?

    Your post is too general for anyone to be able to answer. There are thousands of worms in this world. Is it thin? Is it thick? Is it round? Is it flat? Does it have a noticeable head? Does it have hairy projections? ETC Suggest you search for bristleworm pictures on this forum.
  11. oceanlover

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    Those angels are so beautiful they are works of art. I'll bet they have no idea how nice and toasty warm you keep them in winter in Colorado. In your next life, you should come back as one of your angels! You say the clarion is eatting like a beast. Is he a fast grower, similar to your queen...
  12. oceanlover

    Where to go Diving??

    There are some good spots to dive in Aruba but you must know where to go. Aruba is great for wind surfing though. The island is rather flat and always windy. St. Thomas has some nice diving but you need to travel a bit. Magdalena Bay is very picturesque but can get crowded and the diving is...
  13. oceanlover

    Returning to the Hobby

    WELCOME to SaltWaterFish! Be sure you look at the Nano Forum- lots of info and fun for you! Pretty soon you can annoy everyone and post "How many tangs and large angels can I keep in my nano tank!" Ha ha- that really riles them up until they figure out you are pulling their leg. One guy even...
  14. oceanlover

    Brr Its Cold!!

    I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area like DeMartini and the highs were in the low 70s, no winds, just sunshine. And that is why our real estate prices are so high. For those of you in the extreme cold, it must be very frightening to think about what happens if the power fails.
  15. oceanlover

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    marked down to $1300 in Dublin, CA! I guess this recession is hurting everybody's business. BUT, the left overs are picked over. The prettiest Clarions shipped out early. But if you have the budget, you could buy a $1300 Clarion and grow him into a healthy $2500 fish! That's a better return...
  16. oceanlover

    no more for me

    Didn't you just get a Clarion Angel? I'm sorry for your troubles. The economy is really slamming a lot of people. My husband, with two college degrees and 20 years experience, just got laid off too. Life is always changing. Sometimes the pendulum is up high and life is very, very good...
  17. oceanlover

    Good news/bad news...

    One of the LFS I go to have a huge display tank. It had the biggest Mystery Wrasse I have ever seen. He was easily twice the length and depth of my Mystery Wrasee. The LFS had him for over 10 years. The other day I went in the store but could not find him. He is SO BIG he is hard to miss. The...
  18. oceanlover

    McCosker Flasher Wrasse

    They are a gorgeous fish, will eat most foods, and are peaceful. (I had one for about 3 months before a friend begged me for the fish and I gave it to her.) However, be warned, these wrasse Do and WILL JUMP! Keep your tank covered if you don't want the wrasse carpet surfing. I know they are...
  19. oceanlover

    What test kits do you trust?

  20. oceanlover

    I found... in my live sand

    Look on the bag and there should be some identifying information (such as batch number, etc). You'll need this to talk to the company. I doubt you'd get a big legal settlement but the manufacturer may send you some nice couupons.