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  1. sculpin

    Pucker Up!!

    I just wanted to show off a pic of my Cynarina while I was feeding it the other day. I think it looks really funny, don't you? Pucker Up!! Sculpin
  2. sculpin

    Got my first Anemone Today, Nee a Little Advice

    I just bought a Green Bubble Anemone today for my clown. It really is beautiful but small (about the size of the bottom of a coke can) and my tomato is already hosting in it . My questions is do I need to know anything special when it comes to anemones or will the clown just take care of it...
  3. sculpin

    Beautiful Thing, is it safe?

    I was cleaning my 210 today and went exploring in the refugium with a flash light and found these guys- They are gorgeous but are they safe? I've read two things, that they are anemones (online) or that they are more related a mushroom corals (Aquarium Corals by Eric Borneman). I'll trust Eric...
  4. sculpin

    Sculpin's 29 Bio-Cube Diary

    This is a diary for my new 29 gal BC! I can only hope to achieve what some have crated here with their nanos. I've had it cycling for a few weeks now and used cured and cultured LR/Sand and water from an established 235 gal. Cycling appears to be complete and with the spread of new corline algae...
  5. sculpin

    Wow! I think I'm in over my head... Help!

    My dad recently moved into a new house that came with a built in 125 gal marine tank and knows nothing about it. He has asked me to help him out seeing that he is lacking in time to do so himself and has had difficulty with our local aquarium cleaning guys. I myself know little about marine tank...