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  1. fishtanker

    MY 37 gallon Collumn tank.

    Bumped for posterity.
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    Quitting Smoking!!

    I've been smoke free since April this year.
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    You can't starve a dog to death; you can't starve a convicted murderer to death (some argue you can't kill them in any way). Purposely starving people to death is something we associate with Hitler. If she was able to eat then she wouldn't be starving to death. Its not like she can't eat...
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    i don't think its revelant what the husband is or has been doing while she been a vegatable. He didn't do anything to put her in this condition and he still has a life to do what he wants with it. just because you or I might not behave this way doesn't mean that he's wrong for behaving this way...
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    No NHL!!!

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    Six-Line Angel?

    Six bar angel. Euxiphipops sexstriatus do a search on the name...tons of info. Its a full size angel that changes from Juvi coloration to adult coloration. Not reef safe and needs a large tank 150gal or more.
  7. fishtanker

    Interesting Valentines Story

    "You are divorced, divorced, divorced" -- the traditional manner of officially ending a marriage in Islam. Is that kinda like "beetlejuice, Bettlejuice, BEETLEJUICE"?
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    Valentini (Saddleback) Puffer

    i have a spotted toby puffer in my reef. i have a cleaner and peps shrimp. he hasn't bothered any of them yet. information on them says that they should be monitored with caution when housed with inverts. So to answer your question its kind of hit or miss with these guys...
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    Update: my shark egg

    i'd rather not see the picture if he does in fact have a shark in 55gal...
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    Lunar Wrasse, He's allways giving me problems.

    they aren't called the Luntic wrasse for nothing... My advice if you want more diversity, get rid of the wrasse.
  11. fishtanker

    It happened, a reef keepers worst Nightmare!

    Originally posted by bigarn Well... if it's any concillation the new floor looks really nice! :) i was gonna say that too...looks real good. i had the same thing happen to me on my 55gal about 6years ago.
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    fish and mr urchin

    Originally posted by Bang Guy Your Damsel is attempting to protect its territory from an invader. Good luck on winning the fight Mr. Damsel...
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    Naked Dogs

    The Aquarium is all about derailed threads...
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    Naked Dogs

    Originally posted by pwnag3!! tact sucks.... people that have to pretend to be something their not just to appease someone suck too thats why i say what i want. im not here to make friends... I agree with you Aaron but in the working world (which obviously this isn't) sometimes you have to...
  15. fishtanker

    Naked Dogs

    Originally posted by MorayM Tact, much like a [hr] pet, is overrated. Sorry, someone had to say it. I work for the state where its all about tact, BS, and red tape....guess it rubbed off on me somehow :)
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    Naked Dogs

    Tact: denotes the ability to deal with others with skill, sensitivity, and finesse. Tact implies propriety and the ability to speak or act unoffensively
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    we have a maltese, he's 7years old. Its funny beacsue we also have a pug and a beagle, both are bigger than the maltese, but the maltese is the leader of the group!
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    Longest living fish

    i've had my Female Maroon Clown for almost 6 years now...
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    Achilles Tang Question.

    I've had my Achilles for almost 3 years now...and i didn't have a yellow tang with him. There can be diffucult fish to care for but if you accept their feeding requirements and space requirements then you can keep them health and happy. Large tank, daily feedings of nori, and a stress free...
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    Changed MH bulb....question?

    i'm using an M59 ballast from its 400wt, magnetic probe start. It was still doing it last night which is 24hours now