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  1. jenn-e

    Need a possible coral ID

    kinda looks like red bubble algae, is it a bubble, or is it flat?
  2. jenn-e

    Anyone want to trade for Avon?

    email me I'd be interested. I have blue shrooms, kenya trees, gsp, daisy polyps, anthelia, etc.
  3. jenn-e

    Frags for trade

    Yes they are the same ones. They are doing great, i think they are so pretty.
  4. jenn-e

    Frags for trade

    I have kenya trees, some small, and 2 bigger ones. Daisy polyps, anthelia, and pink star polyps. And i also have two stalks of red sea xenia with a few small daisy polyps on a shell. Would like to trade for cool zoos or pretty much anything that i don't have, so lemme know what you'd like to...
  5. jenn-e

    WTT candy cane in MA for leathers

    I have some stuff you might be interested in. email me if it's still available
  6. jenn-e

    Looking For Star Polyps In Il

    I have some too, whatcha got to trade?
  7. jenn-e

    Large brain maze for trade in nj!!

    Is the brain still available? Would you ship it? I am in VA, and i'm interested, email me some pics and we can try and work something out if it's still available.
  8. jenn-e

    Northern VA or DC swaps?

    Yetti I am about an hour from you. There is a decent lfs in Charlottesville. That might be a longer drive for you. I think the one in vienna is called Vienna Aquarium.
  9. jenn-e

    72 gallon bow front for sale

    Are you selling the typhoon rodi? Post a price if you are, i am interested. THanks
  10. jenn-e

    Green Palythoa FS

    I'll take it if it's still available. email me to let me know how you want payment.
  11. jenn-e

    Magna float killing snails

    I always leave mine in the tank. No problems with snails.
  12. jenn-e

    Pulseing Xenia to trade

    cynelson--I'm in VA too. If it doesn't work out for the xenia, maybe i'd trade you something for the dusters. Where are you located?
  13. jenn-e

    Look What I Just Bought

    ok so... that's the prettiest bong i've ever seen
  14. jenn-e

    Look What I Just Bought

    uhh so if you don't use that to get high, what do you do with it?
  15. jenn-e

    Pink Zoa's for trade.

    ummm what frags are you talking about?
  16. jenn-e

    Drunk game

    ahahaha too funny i made it 44 meters
  17. jenn-e

    Pink Zoa's for trade.

    Steve I like that torch. Email me and maybe we can work something out
  18. jenn-e

    125g for sale in West Virginia

    I'm interested in all your corals, except the clam and sps. How much? Or you can email me
  19. jenn-e

    newest thing to happen in my tank

    i wish my clown would do that lol
  20. jenn-e

    Just found it growing .. ID anyone?

    I say gsp too