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  1. ffishermen

    cleaning a wet/dry

    Is it necessary to clean a wet/dry? Besides changing all the pads & sponges.
  2. ffishermen

    are all r/o units equal

    are the units from a local home center the same as the ones from a lfs?
  3. ffishermen

    new look?

    is it just me or did all the text get bigger over the last few days?
  4. ffishermen

    new additions

    here are a couple of pics enjoy. :)
  5. ffishermen

    ID please

    I saw this last night when all the lights were off. He has not caused any problems. Maybe it is somekind of flat worm. :confused:
  6. ffishermen

    Very High Dkh

    Are there any ill effects to having very high dkh? My tank is well above 14dkh, I'm going to do a water change tonight to be on the safe side.
  7. ffishermen


    I looking for a good reference book for sps's. If you know any let me know.
  8. ffishermen

    activated carbon filtration

    does anybody run this 24/7? I have been doing this for awhile & I didn't notice anything bad going on so, I was curious if anybody else did this. thanks
  9. ffishermen

    receding bubble

    i have this bubble that receding for a while. i'm trying to get it healthy again with no luck. any suggestions? all my parameters are good except my alk. is low 3.5 seachem. he is placed in the middle of the tank with current on him. my lighting is 240w pc's & in the middle of upgrading to mh 2...
  10. ffishermen


    What do they do for a reef tank & should I have one on mine? thanks
  11. ffishermen

    update on cool touch ballast

    Been doing some reading on these and saw that some members had these. I wanted to find out how they doing? The good and the bad. big
  12. ffishermen

    german mh bulbs

    I was told that these are better than any US made bulb by my lfs. I am upgrading to mh & told that these are better. Could I use a magnetic ballast? I'm running 4 - 55w pc's over 100g. I want to put 2 - 250w 10k over the tank w/ the pc's running actinics. thanks,
  13. ffishermen

    the crab that ate my toadstool

    i don't have any pics, but it killed my softy i had for over a year. It looked like an emerald crab with the colors of a stone crab. i was able to kill it though. If anybody has any comments please post. thanks
  14. ffishermen

    upgrade to mh

    If I go to mh from pc's will the intensity from the lights affect any of my corals in a bad way? I was thinking about adding 2-3 175w mh on my tank along with the pc's (4x55w). I would like to put in some sps corals in the tank. I have a 100 g tank w/ toadstool finger leather califlower...
  15. ffishermen

    new pics from a new guy

    i hope to get more on when i figure this out.
  16. ffishermen


    what is the best way to take photos of a fish tank? digital or film (what speed)
  17. ffishermen

    uv sterilizer

    hello, i'm new to the board & i have a couple of questions. first, i just put in a 30w uv sterilizer. i would like to know if it would stop ich & will it prevent coralline algae from growing? second, how long does it take for c. algae to spread. i have 100g w/power compacts 260w, 150g w/d...